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Saturday, September 7, 2013

AbidingRadio Instrumental - Christian

AbidingRadio Instrumental - Christian, AbidingRadio Instrumental - Christian Live, Listen Online, Christian, Religious, USA

AbidingRadio Instrumental - Christian
AbidingRadio Instrumental - Christian The typing came back inconsistent. In English. The blood sample you brought in, it contained two different types of blood. One was "A" type, the other "O" negative. There were two abductors? Or one of the sample's the kid's. I'm checking it against Online Radio's hair and saliva from his stuffed animal. I got to make a call. Oliver, it's Peck. Sirens wailing Tires screech Radio chatter Oliver said there might be two of them, so stay sharp. Is, uh, internet Radio here? internet Radio Oh, officers. Yeah, my brother told me you were looking for me. Is there something I can do to help? Ah! Ohh! What the hell?! Sam: Where's Online Radio? Who? Groans Nothing in the van. Just tell me what's going on. Our platoon is tearing your house apart right now, internet Radio. Where is he? I don't know what you're talking about. Aah! Radio chatter Did they find Online Radio? Receiver clicks We searched his house, his van. We searched the warehouse. Nothing. Hey. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. We're getting closer. We're getting closer, okay? Okay, I don't I don't want to be difficult, but where's my lawyer? Oh, they're on their way. They'll be here soon. Who's this? That is Online Radio Murphy. This is Online Radio. AbidingRadio Instrumental - Christian This is the the boy you're looking for. Yeah, he was at Sorauren Park today. Do you know that park? Yeah, I I drive by it on the way to work. I I've never seen this kid before. You're sure? Yeah, yeah, I'm sure. I'm pretty good with faces. Okay. You spend a lot of time around children, right? Watching them, hanging out with them. My brother and I run a business a business we inherited. We make enough to get by kids leave with smiles on their faces. Win/win there's nothing wrong with that. Except if you're Marcus Hartley, right? He came to your store three years ago, and then he disappeared. That's not exactly a win/win. No. That's a tragedy. So, what? You think the same person took Online Radio? Well, why don't you tell us, internet Radio? Is that what you do? Is that your "thing"? You meet these kids at the store, you get to know them, then you start hanging out at the park, and all of a sudden, you're a familiar face. I mean, it's pretty easy to take it one step further. Shut up. Shut up! Maybe you even bring a partner along! Huh? You make me sick! Do I?! I'm gonna ask you one more time! Where's Online Radio? I would really like to help you, officer scoffs but now it's my turn. Where the hell's my lawyer? AbidingRadio Instrumental - Christian, she's on her way. She'll be here in a few minutes. Hey. Hey. What's up? We got a call on the tip line. Guy just hauled a screaming toddler out of a movie theater at Dundas Square. The boy matched Online Radio's description, but they disappeared before security could grab them. All right, when was that? Ten minutes ago? Okay, did security get a visual? Yeah, they're emailing me right now. Okay, you got to forward that to Nash. Let's go. Nash, open your email. internet Radio's sending you a file. I'll have it up in a second. Okay. AbidingRadio Instrumental - Christian What's going on? We have a surveillance photo of someone who might be our suspect. It's downloading. That's Online Radio.

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