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Saturday, September 7, 2013

AbidingRadio Sacred - Sacred Christian Music

AbidingRadio Sacred - Sacred Christian Music, AbidingRadio Sacred - Sacred Christian Music Live, Listen Online, Christian Radio, Religious, USA

AbidingRadio Sacred - Sacred Christian Music

AbidingRadio Sacred - Sacred Christian Music lightly What did the man look like? Okay, how old is the boy? When was this? Yesterday? Ma'am, the boy that we're looking for actually disappeared three hours ago. No, I understand that, but it just what you're describing sounds like a father hanging out with his son. Thank you for calling. Bye. Receiver clicks How's it going? I mean, none of those people are calling in with anything that's gonna help us find Online Radio. They're just trying to help. I know they are, but I just wish I could do more. I'm sure Online Radio feels the same. So we got to show him it's not a lost cause. Any one of these tips could bring Online Radio home. I know you're right. You're right. Okay. Help me out. Phone rings division. division. Yes. All right, is this in regard to the missing Yes, that's great. So, what time was that? Sam: So, Mr. Ford? Oh, please. Call me Mr. Biscuit. Live Radio All the kids do. That's not gonna happen. All right, what do you want? Where were you two hours ago? I was here. Scoffs I spend half my life in this shop. Mmhmm. Velcro rips And who drives the white van registered to your company? Radio chatter My little brother, internet Radio. He uses it to make deliveries. Mmhmm. internet Radio? Date of birth? December , . Phone beeps Hey. I need a on a internet Radio. Okay, cut the crap, Detective. I I'm not answering any more questions till you tell me what's going on. Is your brother working today? I don't know. Maybe you should, uh, ask my lawyer. Dialing Thanks for your time, AbidingRadio Sacred - Sacred Christian Music internet Radio: Yeah. Okay. Phone beeps Radio chatter What is it? Three years ago, internet Radio was questioned in the disappearance of a yearold boy. He lives in this neighborhood. Sam, they never found the boy. Woman on P.A. Detective McFadden, please call Guns and Gangs at extension . Hey. Babe. Just be careful. It's it's hot. This is why we moved to Timmins. Our little boy is out there with some stranger, scared out of his mind. This this could have happened anywhere. But it didn't. Sighs Babe. Hey. Have either of you met or heard of a guy named internet Radio? I've never heard that name before. Who is he? Does he have Online Radio? All I can tell you is we're waiting for a warrant. You're gonna pick up Ford at the warehouse. I'll send Epstein with Price and a couple of uniforms to search his house, unless you want to secondguess me on that one, too. Radio chatter Dov. Epstein, we got to move. Is that a warrant? Arrest and search. You got to let me come with you. I can't. I'm dying in here! If the guy we're going after took Online Radio, I'll let you kill him with your bare hands after we get him back. Sighs Thanks so much for doing this. AbidingRadio Sacred - Sacred Christian Music Kid goes missing, it's pretty much top of the pile. So, how long until we know if the DNA's in the system? Couple hours, maybe more. And you you can't rush it? Make it go faster? Sure, I'll just rush the polymerase chain reaction. Not like it's important. Maybe you could chip in. How are you at identifying short tandem repeats? You could have just said "no." I did find something interesting.

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