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Sunday, September 8, 2013

AbidingRadio Seasonal - Christian Christmas

AbidingRadio Seasonal - Christian Christmas, AbidingRadio Seasonal - Christian Christmas Live, Listen Online, Christian, Religious, USA

AbidingRadio Seasonal - Christian Christmas

AbidingRadio Seasonal - Christian Christmas But his wife kept getting in the way, and so I put her on the phone with dispatch, and I ran back to the truck. Right back to the truck. Okay, so, why'd you go to the park? What do you mean? Why were you and Collins at the park? Why are you making this personal? What? Uh, internet Radio, I need to know if this was premeditated or a crime of opportunity, okay? So, did you and Collins plan to go to the park, or did you just end up there? I called Online Radio this morning, and I said I would take Online Radio. You know, so him and Online Radio could get settled. Then I called Nick, and I invited him to the park with us. Okay, good. That's everything. Uh, you can suit up and, uh, answer the phones. What? No. I should be out there looking for Online Radio, not answering tip lines. Collins! AbidingRadio Seasonal - Christian Christmas No, it's it's better. P.A. tone chimes, woman speaking indistinctly Hey. The guy from the park, he's gonna be okay. His wife called to say thanks. She's got your phone, but we'll we'll get it later. Okay, thank you. Live Radio. This isn't your fault. Woman speaking indistinctly over P.A. I have to go get my uniform on. She feels bad enough without you making it worse. Are you telling me how to do my job? No, sir. Okay. Good. So, mind your own business. She's my partner. She is my business. Not right now. Take a seat. Radio chatter Chloe: Did you guys see anything unusual? I come to this park every day with my kids, so I really pay attention to who's coming and going. Did you notice anything unusual today? Okay, well, I I didn't see him today, but there's this guy who hangs out here all the time, and it's weird. Why is it weird? He doesn't have any kids. Or a dog. He just sits in his van and watches. He watched the kids? You got a name? No, but I do have the plate number. Um AbidingRadio Seasonal - Christian Christmas I took a picture the last time I saw him here. He drives a white van. Thanks. I'm gonna go run the plate. Thank you. Yeah. Anything? Just a bunch of parents worried that we're not doing enough to keep their kids safe, so Let's keep going. Siren wails All right, you're cleared for duty. Get on the front desk and handle any walkin tips. Cellphone buzzes Cellphone beeps Swarek. Hey, I got a plate for a suspicious vehicle seen around the park on numerous occasions. Good. Who owns it? Mm, it's registered to a business Avenue Road. Excellent. I'll meet you there. Phones ringing What color was his hair? Okay, could you describe him one more time? Online Radio is okay. She just needed to lie down. The Amber alert's out there. Lots of tips are coming in already, and we're doing everything we can. Don't give me the victim speech. Actually tell me what's going on. I'm a cop. Treat me like one. What if it was Leo? We're following up on a lead. A suspect? We don't know yet. Who is it? It might be nothing, Online Radio. internet Radio, do not keep me in the dark on this. My son is out there. AbidingRadio Seasonal - Christian Christmas Which is exactly why you're in here. Because if Leo was missing Sighs if Leo was missing, I'd be out there, I'd be in a panic trying to help, but getting in the way and slowing everything down. Online Radio, there isn't anything you can do that we aren't already doing.

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