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Sunday, September 8, 2013

AbidingRadio Kids - Sacred Christian

AbidingRadio Kids - Sacred Christian, AbidingRadio Kids - Sacred Christian Live, Listen Online, Christian Radio, Religious, Kids, USA

AbidingRadio Kids - Sacred Christian
Do you know who this guy is? Oh, my God. That's that's Gene Mackenzie. He was Online Radio's soccer coach in Internet Radio. Woman on AbidingRadio Kids - Sacred Christian Detective Wilkins, please pick up line . What is Gene doing here? Right now we need to focus on finding him, okay? So, what else can you two tell me about him? He's . , maybe. He he lives in Internet Radio. Inhales sharply I don't know what else. Should have been able to see it. You know, he used to dote on Online Radio give him all sorts of special attention? Online Radio, don't do this to yourself. There's no way you could have known. No, no, no, no, no. He's a predator, and I'm a police officer. I should've been able to tell. Stop it. My son's missing, and I can't even look for him! Breathing heavily Glass clinks Sighs We got to clean this up. There's a first aid kit in the lounge. You got to find him, Trace. I'm sorry. Come on. It's okay. PDU is on line for Detective Wilkins. Detective Wilkins This little witch hunt of yours is over. I know you have surveillance photos of the abductor. And how do you know that? I get paid to know. Check the photos. I'm not on them. Does the name Gene Mackenzie mean anything to you? No, Detective, it doesn't. Does it mean anything to you? Mr. Ford. Why does a guy with no kids have a swing set in his backyard? Wow. That's your case against me? It was there when I bought the house. Mr. Ford, please. Let me handle this. Detective, you really want to drag this out? I have places to be. We haven't located the kid yet, so no one's going anywhere. Door buzzes Oliver wants to see everyone in parade right away. Epstein, we're in the middle of an interview. It's not a request. Radio chatter Sighs We have a visual AbidingRadio Kids - Sacred Christian. of our abductor. This is Gene Mackenzie. He's in our system for an aggravated assault back in '. He's Online Radio's soccer coach back in Internet Radio. Also, a swimming instructor and a littleleague coach there. Why wouldn't he grab Online Radio in Internet Radio? I mean, why follow him here? Maybe to distance himself as a suspect. We don't know. Well, is he working alone? We don't know. What we do know is that Online Radio seems to be alive and well. Where was the last visual confirmation? It was at the movie theater at Dundas Square. minutes ago. Okay, we're gonna canvass the entire area. Guys, we're looking for a green hatchback. The license plate is AlphayankeeXraylima . Let's go find this boy. Indistinct talking Cruz. You got to cut Ford loose. What Oliver. What? Look, Mackenzie might not be working alone. Ford's van was seen near the playground numerous times, okay? Plus, he's got ties to an unsolved childabduction case. I mean, we let him go, we're making a mistake. Your call. Cut him loose. What? Yes, sir. All right. Sighs What the "What the" what? Holly, "what the" what? What? I don't want to play "who's on first?" Just tell me what's going on. What does this mean? Background check on Mackenzie identified two outoftown addresses. AbidingRadio Kids - Sacred Christian He has an aunt in Essex and a grandfather in Kingsville. We've notified local police in both jurisdictions.

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