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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


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AccuJazz Come on, man. Did you ever read "Into The Wild"? No, but I saw the movie, and I'm pretty sure the guy starved to death at the end. True. Okay. So it's the work that you're worried about. So we'll take backup, okay? A couple of rookies who know their way around a hammer. Huh? Scotfree, we're off Calypso Collapso. Watch this. Hey, Online Radio, Epstein, how are you boys? What are you up to this evening? Uh, not too much. Just gonna go to the Penny. Why? Okay, Penny Shmenny. Check that out, man. Huh? What do you think of that, brother? You me, Sam. It'll be like a beer commercial, especially since you are gonna bring the beer. I can't. I got an early start tomorrow. We're in. How much beer? Oliver Nice! As much as you can carry. We're leaving in ten minutes. Ten minutes! Door closes You see? What? We're in. We're men. Door opens We're going to a cabin. ACCUJAZZ Thud Indistinct conversations Door buzzes in distance Hey. Hey. Sets cup down Refrigerator door opens Oh. Live Radio Look at that. You take cream in your tea, too. That's funny. Live Radio Yeah. That's actually hysterical. Well, I mean, most people will take it with milk or just black. Pouring tea Can you say that tea is black, or is that just coffee? Hey. Why are you so twitchy? I'm not. I'm not. I'm just, uh I'm really happy that we're friends. You know, or whatever it is that we are, and I would never want to do anything to jeopardize that. And and if I did do something to jeopardize that, then I would want to talk about it. Okay, then let's talk about it. Okay. Good. Good. Lines of communication are open. Inhales Here goes. Stammers This isn't really how I communicate. Right. Wow. Okay, so I did that. But that was long overdue. Radio chatter And now I have to go. Alert beeps, woman speaking indistinctly over P.A. You know what? I'm not gonna tell you. You tell me. We'll take a yeah Oh. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Something tells me people are being asked to stay late. Yep, but not us. We're gonna go out booking, all right? Yeah. Step lightly. Come on, boys. Radio chatter, telephone ringing Oliver Sam! You're killing me, man! Woman Half of the oncoming shift is out with food poisoning. Who busted the growop on Euclid? Oh, I did, Staff. Well, it's a big job, and we could use some extra uniforms to help out. ACCUJAZZ That is, unless you have anything else on the go. Great. Radio chatter I don't know, might be nice to work with some new people, right? Sure. Radio chatter continues Door creaks Radio chatter Whoa. Camera shutter clicking Trace? What are you doing here? I am the detective on this. I'm overseeing the investigation. Oh. Okay, so what are we supposed to be doing here, besides wasting our precious time? Forensics can't really go over the scene until all the plants have been cleared. Cleared? We were brought here to clear plants? Gail, many people find gardening therapeutic. ACCUJAZZ up, ladies. Thanks. Radio chatter, shutter clicking continues Hey, is there something else I can do? Paperwork? Anything? Okay, what's going on? Something's up with you and Gail. What is it? No. We're good. We're great.

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