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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

AccuRadio Active Rock

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AccuRadio Active Rock
Hey, AccuRadio Active Rock You flying solo on this? Yep. It's a growop. So tons of filing, chain of custody. I can hardly contain myself. Well, maybe it just got a little more glamorous. Man Found him in the container by the plants. Hell of a day to be flying solo. Young Rival She's been to jail two times before Her father was a cop All right, load up, men, we're here! Beautiful. Yeah, man. Not so far from the city, but Here you go. Feels like a million miles away. Grab whatever you can. Whirring Ohh! She says, "Is it true? You and me are through?" Take a deep breath. Inhales You know what that smell is? Exhaust fumes? Mocking laugh That is freedom. Keys jangle Huh? Take a moment. Come on. Cooler clatters on ground Enjoy it. Inhales Cell phone chirps No, no, no! Hey. No phones. Not today. Today we return from whence we came. I'll take that. Thank you, Dov. Yours, too, Online Radio. No gadgets. No shackles from our former lives. Cell phone rings Oh. Beep That's Celery. I want to take this. Hey. Hi, darlin', how are ya? Door creaks Yeah, we made it, no problem. Yeah. Now we're here. Okay, darlin'. AccuRadio Active Rock All right, it's tour time! Door closes We have two bedrooms. The bathroom is over there. We are, uh, standing in the living room, as I overstate the obvious. Door opens Ah. Online Radio, feel free. Help yourself to anything that's in the, um, in the fridge. There's nothing in the fridge. Oh, yeah. Right, right, right, right. If you wouldn't mind, man, the cooler's right here. Empty it out, pal. Bunk beds? Not it! Oh, perfect, okay. Sam has chosen the couch. You guys will have the room with the bunk beds. I'll be in the master suite. Well, how come we automatically get the bunk beds? I thought this was a democracy. Oh, it is. It is. Feel free to complain all you want. Top or bottom? Don't ever ask me that again. Laughs Claps hands All right, let's get this party started. We got, uh, Zeppelin, we got, uh, AccuRadio Active Rock we got, uh Come on. No power. Here, let me give me that. It's probably just the batteries, man. You gotta give 'em a spin. Switch clicking No, he's right. No power. Which also means no heat. Okay. That's Yeah, that's no big deal. Sighs Come on, dudes, we're, uh, men. These are problems that men fix. If the generator is not working, then we will repair it. In the meantime, you two go out into the forest and grab us a couple pieces of firewood. Huh. Yeah. Sammy and I will get the generator going by the time you get back. So Claps hands Hop to it, rookies. Bird calling I'll empty your cooler. Blows raspberry Door buzzes and beeps Chuck Dolson. I'm Detective Nash. Door closes That growop we arrested you at Turns out we found a dead guy. Somebody shot him. Like you to tell me what you know about that. Whwhat do you mean? Who is he? You know him? No. Yeah, I mean, I don't know. Maybe. Kind of. Can I get some water? I have mad pasties. I can't even swallow. Laughs Not until you tell me who that is. AccuRadio Active Rock Can you not yell at me? I don't do well with hostility. According to my notes, you were at the growop picking up drugs, so you a dealer? Yeah Live Radio But my clientele is tres limit.

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