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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

AccuRadio - Alternative 90s

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AccuRadio - Alternative 90s
I'm not super businesssavvy. I only pick up every few weeks from that guy. I don't even know his last name. First name? Ivan. I went over there today. He wasn't around. Door was open, I went in, figured I'd blaze a jman, wait for him to show up, but he never did. I was heading out when that officer grabbed me and handed me over to that crotchety blackhaired dude. Yeah. Officer Swarek. So how well did you know Ivan? Not well. I mean, besides buying off of him. We weren't friends or anything, but he seemed like a standup dude. I think he had a gum problem, though, 'cause his breath was mad bad. I thought I should tell him, but how do you say something like that? Chuck. Right. Sorry. Focus. Sorry. I wish I could help you. Exhales Slides photos on desk What happens now? Door buzzes and beeps You sit tight. Mary Online Radio. Wacky tabacky. AccuRadio - Alternative 90s Giggle stick. That's not one. It is. I swear. Radio chatter Typing Are you looking it up? Mmhmm. Why do I feel like no one takes me seriously at this division? You know, I volunteered for this platoon 'cause I thought, maybe for a change, I'd get treated differently. Whoa, Chloe, easy. I didn't mean anything by it. No, just forget it. Let's just figure out who's connected to this stupid grow house and move on. internet Radio sighs My first solo homicide. Star witness is freakin' Cheech. Which one is Cheech? Is he the smart one? Was there a smart one? Cell phone chimes It was a joke. Beep Oh, the grow house is clear. Which means I can head back, take a look at the scene. It might help if I had a uniform with me. Somebody with good eyes, good instinct. Well, that sounds like a good job for Officer Price. It does? It does? I'll hang back, just follow up on some of these leads. A'ight. Online Radio it is. Clicks pen Giggle stick. Giggle stick. Radio chatter Groans It's hot in here. Yep. Gives new meaning to the term "hot box." Laughs Live Radio If you have something to say, can you say it? If not, can you stop acting weird? Liquid splashes What the hell? Sighs No, you're right. What the hell? Okay, listen. Gail, I am so sorry, but something happened Aah! Ahh! What?! God, my wrist is burning! Oh, it's burning, it's burning. It's industrial drain cleaner. Ugh! Panting Whoa! Okay, okay, okay! I think we need to get you to the hospital. Let's go. Panting Birds calling and chirping You know, it is pretty nice out here. Glad we came. Yeah. It's awesome. What's wrong? You know what, Online Radio? Maybe you're right. I thought we'd crossed over, but Scoffs Look at us. Errand boys. Come on, man, that's that's not true. I mean, what's it gonna take to get these guys' respect? You know, I think we should just focus on the task at hand, find some wood, and get out of here. Okay. What about that tree right there? It's green. Won't burn. You're telling me none of these trees will burn? Oh, man, those two Laughs It's almost too easy. AccuRadio - Alternative 90s Know what I mean? Kinda breaks my heart. Anyway, who how's this? This is a piece of cake. Good. Which is why we're doing it. Laughs Laughs So, uh Hmm What made you buy this place out of nowhere? Breathes deeply Celery had a, uh Celery had aa house blessing to go to, so we were out looking for specular hematite.

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