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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

AccuRadio Alternative Now!

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AccuRadio Alternative Now!

AccuRadio Alternative Now! But the guy The guy is trying to sell us tumbled, like we don't know the difference. And Sighs It's not important. This is of no value to you. Uh, the point is, we were heading back to the city, and I spotted this joint, you know? One look and I knew I had to buy it. So you and the witch went to buy magic crystals and bought a house made of twigs instead? Laughs Yeah. I mean, we got the hematite, too, but Oh, good. I don't know. I can't remember the last time that I looked at something and just knew, you know? Less thinking, more doing, right? Yeah. Couldn't agree with you more, so Live Radio Let's do this. Pass me my beer, will you? Yes, of course, pal. Oh. Clink To To your house. Laughs Hmm. To Celery. Laughs So it must have been tricky to get Ivan into that drum, and whoever it was cleaned up after themselves. There's no blood. Radio chatter Can you step back a bit? Oh, yeah. Sorry. Clattering Chloe Chloe! Let's try to preserve the scene as much as we can. I know. Okay? I'm s I know. I'm sorry. Sighs All right, no real sign of forced entry, so Ivan must have known the guy, let him in. AccuRadio Alternative Now! And no sign of a scuffle. And Ivan was shot in the back, so he probably didn't even know that it was coming. Not a true friend. Men speaking indistinctly Hmm? You know, Oscar Wilde A true friend stabs you in the front, you know? But Ivan wasn't stabbed. He was shot. internet Radio Nash. What are you doing here? Guns and Gangs, baby. Uh, do you want to check out the basement? We know the Portuguese guys have been running this area, and we also know that no smalltime dealer is moving this much product on their own. So, ergo, we're taking an interest. Why didn't you call me? Because you wouldn't have answered. Anyway, thanks for holding the fort. Maybe you guys You want to take five, just, you know, let us do our thing, and then Then I'll brief you, okay? Excuse me. Wait. Thank you. Yeah. Thanks. Okay, so I talked to him. He said that, uh My first solo homicide. He's gonna get in my way because I didn't return his calls? Camera shutters clicking Unless Hey, Saab, what have you got there? Bullet casing. millimeter. Sending it in for prints right now. Bag rustling Prints? Whwhen those get back, do you mind if I am the first to see them? Aren't you sharing this with Guns and Gangs? How's Nadia? She's fine. Come to think of it, I am the one who set you guys up, aren't I? All right. Okay. I guess it wouldn't hurt if you got them a little sooner than they did. And you know you're lucky she's cute. Reads in German What, uh, what do you think that means? AccuRadio Alternative Now! accent I don't speak the German. Laughing German accent You don't speak the German. All right. Normal voice Where's the socket wrench? Normal voice I don't got a socket wrench, man. What do what do you mean, you don't have a socket wrench? I don't know. These were here when I got the place. Anyways, I recall you saying this was gonna be a piece of cake. II that was before I knew you didn't have a socket wrench. All right, well, here. Just what about this? AccuRadio Alternative Now! Crackling, explosion Aah! Aah! Aah! Ohh! Laughing Ow! Are you all right? Is your hand okay? Laughs Don't laugh.

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