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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

AccuRadio Blues

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AccuRadio Blues
I'm s I apologize. Stammers Damn it! AccuRadio Blues Uh, uh, are you okay? Okay, you know what? What? Thanks for inviting me, Oliver. I'm having such a great time, you know? I'm really I'm so grateful to you because I'm not sitting at a Blackjack table in a warm casino right now. Yeah, you know what? I'm beginning to think that Epstein and Online Radio had the right idea. They're out there having a blast, not sitting in here, not fixing this. I'm freezing. I know. And hungry. Hey, what about that? Seriously, dude, this isn't rocket science. If it's green, it won't burn. Birds calling Dead tree AccuRadio Blues Same problem. It's rotten. It's too wet. I'm starting to think you're making this stuff up. You know, Oliver and Swarek are probably yukking it up in the cabin right now while we're stuck out here in this fireretardant forest. Grunts Uh Groans Are you okay? Yeah. AccuRadio Blues I rolled my ankle. Okay. This is stupid. We gotta get you out of here. All right? Swarek and Oliver They can get their own damn wood. I'll give you a hand. Hold on. I'm fine, I'm fine. You sure? I don't mind. No. I'm fine. Just take my arm. Really. I'm here for you. Mutters This is ridiculous. Hey. We came from this way. Uh, no, I'm pretty sure we came from this way. No, no, no. We came from north, which is this way. Well, I don't know where north is, but I'm pretty sure we came from over here. AccuRadio Blues Great. Sighs Now we're lost. Come on. Bird cries Okay, so the nurse said that the painkillers should start to kick in soon. Do you want me to get you anything while we wait for the doctor? Like a magazine or coffee? No. I actually think I'd rather talk about what you were gonna tell me back at the scene. Gelatin? I can get you some gelatin. Nah. I'm more interested in "I'm so sorry something happened." What exactly happened? Okay. Chair wheels roll Let's do this. Sighs Gail, sometimes things happen Live Radio. and people get hurt. You know, good people. Live Radio Live Radio. Is that an elephant? Excuse me? Get it for me. Okay. Chair creaks Sighs This is so little. It's like a baby, you know? Mmhmm. It's a baby elephant. It's it's freaking me out, actually. It's actually freaking me out a little bit. It's freaking me out, internet Radio. I want you to get it away from me Okay. Gone. How'd you do that? How much oxycodone did they give you? A lot. And I kind of like it. Aah. Exhales deeply What were you gonna say? Um You ever notice how Soft your hair is? It's pretty soft. It's very soft. Okay. It's pretty soft. I'm gonna get the nurse. Door buzzes and beeps Radio chatter, telephone ringing All right, prisoner feeding time. Door closes You're lucky. We still had one left. Thanks, man. I wish I could partake, but I abstain from gluten. I read on the Internet it kills brain cells. I wanna hold onto these bad boys as long as I can. Yeah, well, I can see why you'd be concerned. Turns doorknob Hey, did they find the dude who iced Ivan? Like, can I go yet? No. Not yet. AccuRadio Blues You still haven't been cleared as a suspect. Unlikely. Can't you just release me on a promise to appear or some crap? How do you know about those? Scoffs Dude, look at me.

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