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Thursday, September 12, 2013

AccuRadio Canadian Pop

AccuRadio Canadian Pop, AccuRadio Canadian Pop Live, Listen Online, Pop Radio, USA

AccuRadio Canadian Pop
I make the right choice with Celery? Yes. How do you know that? A feeling. I see you two together, and I know she's right for you. Like you and internet Radio? Exactly. Chair creaks Live Radio You know what? Ahem. You got three beautiful kids AccuRadio Canadian Pop Oh, no, no. A girlfriend. Yeah, you're divorced, but, uh, you own a cabin, at least. Uhhuh. No, you know what? This isn't about me, man. You're moving forward. So don't complain, all right? Don't complain. I didn't come up here to listen to you mope. Oh. Live Radio Yeah, that is rich. That's good, man, coming from you. All right. Considering I just watched you mope for the last year, huh? Ever ever since you've been out of uniform and internet Radio left. Name one time you saw me mope. I watch you mope on the inside. I know. That might not make any sense, but I'll tell you, here's another thing. I'll tell you what. I'll bet you internet Radio sees it, too. You know? Huh? And that's not fair. I've been on that side, you know, with Zoe. And that is that is, uh, not a good place to be in. It hurts, and it screws with your head. Sighs Live Radio I miss her, man. I wish I didn't, but I do. I keep thinking about the future, kids, park on Sundays. Real life. Something more than this With her. You gotta tell internet Radio. Sighs How did we get onto this? They they said when we get older, this would get easier. Well they lied. Hello, my baby Live Radio Gail. Hello, my honey Gail. Nasal voice I'm a ragtime gal Gail. Send me a kiss by wire I slept with AccuRadio Canadian Pop. I'm sorry. Woman speaking indistinctly over P.A. You and Nick. Yes. Slept together? Yes. Telephone ringing in distance I already knew that. What do you mean, you knew? So this whole time that I've been trying to tell you, you've just been Judging you? Yeah. I didn't expect that. Oh. Well, I mean, I could I could cry. Would you like me to cry? No. Or I could tell you how right I think you and Nick are for each other, and then I could gag on my own words. I don't know. It just all depends on what you were expecting. I wasn't really expecting anything. Well other than hoping that maybe we could talk about how you feel about it. You're killing my mellow, man. Get out. What? Just move it. You know what, Gail? We're gonna have to talk about this I said beat it, narc. Radio chatter It's Live Radio? Yeah, but, internet Radio, there's something about gil you should know. Speaks Portuguese Yeah. He only speaks Portuguese. Perfect. Talk to staff, tell him we need an interpreter. Oh, actually of course, by the time the interpreter gets here, this guy's gonna be lawyered up, and we'll never get anything out of him. Meanwhile, what do you want me to do about Chuck? Let's release him on a promise to appear. Ahem! Why are you still here? AccuRadio Canadian Pop preco a seu servico. II speak Portuguese. You do? Mmhmm. Okay. Get him into interview three and wait for me. Speaks Portuguese Speaks Portuguese Speaks Portuguese What happened? Where are you going? Well, we know he has gang affiliations. We also have his cell phone, so I'm just gonna make some calls to his Portuguese gang buddies and tell them that AccuRadio Canadian Pop here gave us their cell phone number.

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