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Thursday, September 12, 2013

AccuRadio Canadian Rock

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AccuRadio Canadian Rock
You do that, and my family's AccuRadio Canadian Rock. You speak English? I knew it. I totally knew it. How? Well, he used the expression "Barking up the wrong tree," which is an English expression. Portuguese one is totally different. There's no tree, no dogs. I figured I'd give it a try. Look I have a wife and a son. You tell my boss that I'm a rat, and I'm dead. They're dead. Tell us what we need to know, we won't have to ask your friends. I got a call last week from my boss. He says that we're taking over the grow house on Euclid and that I gotta take the guy out who works there Ivan. Things didn't go as planned? I froze. He came at me. I panicked. I just dropped the gun, and I took off. So who finished the job? All I know is that I was supposed to call this one number when I was done. You still have that number in your phone? Let's go find out who that number belongs to. Door buzzes It's gotta be one of the last numbers. I heard you brought in Abrino. Where is he? I wanna talk to him. Don't bother. We don't think he did it. They ordered AccuRadio Canadian Rock to do the hit, but he botched the job. Somebody found out and took care of it for him. So you believe him? I don't know yet. Gave us the number that he was supposed to call after the hit. So what, now you're just gonna call it? Do you have a better idea? Door buzzes and beeps Hey, guess who's getting out of here. Kind of unfair, bro. Door closes I don't even know who else is in here. It's you, AccuRadio Canadian Rock. Turns out you're right. You're being released on a promise to appear. Wootwoot! Laughs What about my stuff? It's all in here. You'll get it at reception. Hey, could I get some water for the road, man? I'm parched. Or a petite snackage? What is this, the Ritz? I gave you a granola bar. Yeah, but I only ate half on account of the glu The gluten. Right, fine. You know what? You sit tight. I will get you some water. You can get a snack after you leave. Door buzzes and beeps Agua for chuckua? Radio chatter You know the drill. I'm Abrino's wife. Don't say too much. Keep them on the phone as long as possible. This is right. Yeah. Here goes nothing. Hey, man, how's it going? You know. Coins clatter, cell phone rings Ring, can clatters No no one's picking up. See if he has voicemail. Okay. Ring Ring Ring Ring Ringing stops Ring, beep That was a bust. Wait. Hold on. Door buzzes and beeps You're a free man. Sighs Try it again. Beep Cell phone rings Ringing Somebody's really trying to get ahold of you. It's probably my mom. She's kind of overprotective, you know? Ring Ring, beep Nothing. One more time. Beep Chuck, easy, easy. We're not in a race. Cell phone rings Ring Nick! Ring AccuRadio Canadian Rock Wait. Ring Hey! Stop! Ring, beep Online Radio? Cuff him. Handcuffs jangle Speaks inaudibly The burnout with a heart of gold. That's a good cover. I almost bought it, too. Door buzzes and beeps Radio chatter Are we having a yard sale? AccuRadio Canadian Rock bought the house on Euclid, he made a $, down payment in cash. Okay? A week before that, you took out The exact same amount from your account. All I see is a guy who's bad with his dough. You were partners with Ivan.

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