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Friday, September 13, 2013

AccuRadio Chill

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AccuRadio Chill
You fronted the money for the grow house. You were the one who made the deal with the Portuguese to expand your business. But Ivan wasn't into that. So he had to go. Keep going. This is awesome, really. Okay, well, Gil told us that he was supposed to call your cell phone when the job was done, but he never called. You phoned him. You phoned him times this morning 'cause you wanted to find out what was going on, but he didn't answer because he chickened out. So you had to take care of AccuRadio Chill yourself. Maybe, or maybe the AccuRadio Chill killed Ivan 'cause they were fighting over the Tooth Fairy. It must have been hard to get Ivan into that drum Mmhmm. After you shot him. Wrestling with the body is probably easy. Lose a hair. Yeah, and it won't take long for us to find the killer's AccuRadio Chill. on Ivan's body. And when we do Packaging rustling we'll just match it to the D.N.A. found on this. What's a guy gotta do around here to get a lawyer? Switch clicks Where the hell have you guys been? Sam What happened to your leg? What happened to your hand? Dov Why is the generator in the living room? You guys still haven't fixed it? Well, we got a little distracted. You know what? Just stand back. Okay, Dov and I got this. Of course. You know how to fix this. You just didn't tell us. Well, you never asked. Something tells me you will next time. Live Radio So who's grabbing our beers? Donovan Woods I was gonna go back home oh, if she had them spread out on the floor I was lucky today. Lucky? Yeah, what were the odds that you spoke Portuguese? High tano. It's Swahili for "High five." Swahili? Yeah. Swahili, Portuguese, Spanish, German Well, actually, what else can I speak? Amazing. Seriously, Chloe, you were a rock star today. If she's not coming over lately I was gonna go back home Gracias. I was gonna go back home Chuck the pothead just wanted to be somebody. Yeah, it's going around these days. Your first homicide case. You nailed it. May I? What are you doing? Well, you said you didn't recognize my number when it shows up, so Buttons click I thought I'd make it easier for you. There. "Captain Of The Universe"? Have a good night, detective. Cell phone rings Beep Hello? Yeah. I know who this is. Scoffs Starts engine Ho ho ho! Ah! Whoohoohoohoo! Yes, buddy. Yes, Online Radio Online Radio, that is a beautiful sight. Dov Here you go. Sam Not as beautiful as this. AccuRadio Chill calls Or that. That's what it's all about right here, where we are right now. With all those chicks owl hooting in distance Bird calls All right, anyone else freezing their ass off? Dude, I'm so cold right now. Oliver Let's go play some cards, boys. Woman speaking indistinctly over P.A. What? Are you still here? Yeah, just wanted to make sure you're okay. AccuRadio Chill Thanks for your concern. Please stop acting like you're okay about me and Nick. Live Radio, I'm fine. Sso then what we we have your blessing? My blessing? Voice breaking No. You don't You don't have my blessing. I'm sorry. You broke the code, Live Radio. You're not supposed to date a friend's ex. You're never never supposed to date a friend, but that's what's so great about it.

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