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Friday, September 13, 2013

AccuRadio Classic Soul

AccuRadio Classic Soul, AccuRadio Classic Soul Live, Listen Online, R&B, USA

AccuRadio Classic Soul

AccuRadio Classic Soul With Online Radio, it's always less. And always heroin. Hi. My name is Live Radio, and I'm a heroin addict. Live Radio Online Radio is not a criminal. He deserves our help. Like he chose to do heroin. He didn't do this to himself. This guy saved my life. You're gonna help me get Online Radio. No, I'm not. Odin Rossi's mark. You know Odin? Everyone's talking about his quality. You are AccuRadio Classic Soul. Always have been. Don't move. You're federale? Maybe we can work together. Odin has a beef with Online Radio Online Radio is here. Caza cartel's boogeyman. This is agent Juan Badillo. I am undercover as Online Radio I've been investigating you for the past three months. The agent that gave me this assignment is missing, and the FBI thinks you're responsible. They think he might have been wearing a wire and that the disappearance might be on a tape in his car. I killed an FBI agent, and they got it on tape. There's no way I beat him to that recording now. He won. I lost. So what are you gonna do? Get a head start. A start on what? The rest of my life. Where's the recorder? I don't know. Better question is Where the hell's Online Radio No answer? I have to call it in. There is a big space between ducking a call and going on the lam. He thinks we found the recording. Yeah, but we didn't. But he thinks we did. Online Radio. AccuRadio Classic Soul Hi. This is Online Radio Warren, L.A. I need to put a bolo out on the wire. It's one of ours Live Radio Online Radio. Yes, sir, on my authority. AccuRadio Classic Soul Big plans tonight, dog? No, not tonight. All right, let me know if something comes up. Hey, dude, did you, uh Did you get this text? Oh, my phone's off. There's a "detain on sight" order out on you. From Warren. Yeah. Just part of my cover with the mongrels. So I don't got to, like, take you down or nothing? Brother, you can try. You know I'd knock your ass out, boy. Okay. How about this? Tomorrow you and I rally the troops for a little fullcontact, threeonthree action out on the sand, but you put some money where that big mouth of yours is. Hold on, dude. This don't feel right. It don't. Whoa. internet Radio boy. Wow. The level of paranoia in this house It's gone defcon. internet Radio boy It's me. Mmhmm. Okay? Still time on the clock. Later. Later. Just saw that bolo, man. Yeah, let's move. So y'all good from here? Yeah. Look, D.J., I got to say, man nah, man, you don't got to say nothing. My old man used to tell me don't name a pig you plan to eat. Texas wisdom, huh? You're the pig. Yeah. Don't get attached. Makes for easy goodbyes. Well, look, I hope I didn't leave the heat on too high. I like a little heat. Keep an eye on everybody for me, especially internet Radio. Okay. Wherever you end up, don't send a postcard. Never that. This is bad, huh? Yeah, internet Radio, this is bad. AccuRadio Classic Soul What part of "detain on sight" don't you understand, internet Radio? The part that has Online Radio' name next to it. What the hell's going on? Where is he? You gonna let me in my house? Where's he hiding, man? You need to understand the reality of this situation. Oh, okay. Please, Dale. You could get three years for accessory.

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