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Friday, September 13, 2013

AccuRadio Classic Rock Nights

AccuRadio Classic Rock Nights, AccuRadio Classic Rock Nights Live, Listen Online, Classic Rock, USA

AccuRadio Classic Rock Nights
I gave a friend a ride. That's it. He didn't wait to see if we found the recording. It screams guilty. Y'all didn't find it, did you? Wait, wait, wait, wait. So I got to deal with internet Radio and her punkass federale, and AccuRadio Classic Rock Nights is doing time for giving Online Radio a ride? internet Radio's messing with a federale? Yeah. Who is he? I don't know. They met in some hotel room chasing Odin. The bureau's sending a team over. I suggest that you be here. Tell your team I'm in my room. Looks like you could use one of these, Q. You followed? Hell, no. You were not joking about your face. Told ya. Your friend packs a hell of a punch. Yeah. That she does. Yeah, you know, your call kind of surprised me. I mean, you really think you're being sold out? I know it. Your girl shows up asking questions, and now I got trusted sources telling me that Online Radio is after me. Online Radio Yeah, right, the, uh The key guy. The goddamn assassin. He descends on you, and he carves you up. You got everything? Yeah. Yeah, everything you asked for. Everybody said you need a new identity fast, you're the man. Well, look, man, our last meeting might not have gone too well, but our friendship is deeper than that. The ink's still wet on these. You got a burner phone with a South American card, as requested, passports, driver's license, credit cards all with the name Anthony Busca. Busca, huh? I look like a AccuRadio Classic Rock Nights? Oh, man, like you were born to it. I also got you on a boat to Ecuador. You're not on the official manifest, so the accommodations may be less than comfy. I don't care, as long as you get me out of here. Oh, yeah. Here you go. We good? We good. Online Radio is never gonna find you, man. That's you. It's a new life, Tony B. Don't screw it up the way you screwed up the last one, huh? Back at ya. Online Radio border El hombre llave? The key man? Yeah, I heard of him. Okay, but have you seen him, man? No, man. All right, well, look, man, if you do see anything, there's a lot more where this came from, all right? All right. I see you're suddenly in the pignaming mood, huh? Hey. I'm glad I caught you. I didn't think your phone would work. Uh, yeah, well, you know, we're hugging the coast. I guess I got lucky. What's up, D.J.? Listen, there's no recording. Really? The way Online Radio talked about it, I'm almost positive. Well, if you're not AccuRadio Classic Rock Nights, it's just a daydream. Yeah, well, I wanted you to know. And, hey, since you asked me to keep an eye on her, you have any idea why internet Radio would be digging into you with a federale? A federale? That's the word. No. No, that's news to me. Where'd she find him? I don't know. They met in a hotel or something. I appreciate the update. You got it. How's life on the ocean? Well, monotony has a new definition. Hello? Hello? You're breaking up, man. I can't What Start recording, please. This is AccuRadio Classic Rock Nights. This is case number tx investigation into the disappearance of agent Live Radio Online Radio eight days ago. Speaking first with agent Tuturro let's begin. Finally. You gonna explain some sh ? Why do you believe you were assigned to Online Radio? I was brought into the house to investigate Online Radio.

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