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Saturday, September 14, 2013

AccuRadio Classic Rocktopia

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AccuRadio Classic Rocktopia
Two weeks ago, Online Radio told me why he was here. Agent Warren was assigned to Online Radio to investigate Live Radio Online Radio. Online Radio he's a rat? Wait. What? Great. Jakes what's his involvement? He and Jakes were close. He felt betrayed, of course. Did I think it would send him running? No. I figured agent Online Radio would turn to him. Live Radio and Online Radio had secrets. AccuRadio Classic Rocktopia knew Online Radio was dirty. He went to Jakes? He asked me drive him to the port. Didn't say why. I didn't ask. AccuRadio Classic Rocktopia provided a boat for Online Radio to escape. You sh ing me? Call the goddamn coast guard already. Why is Online Radio on a boat? Should I be asking for an attorney? Why would Online Radio run? Live Radio thought that we had a recording that implicated him in the murder of Juan Badillo. Murder? You serious? My brain isn't processing any of this. This is Online Radio. We're talking about Live Radio Online Radio, right? I stopped listening to you. How much longer will this take? I wouldn't worry about that, agent Warren. I put the rest of your case load on hold, so there's plenty of time. And unless we find Live Radio Online Radio, I'll have to shut down Online Radio. I hope you don't have anything incriminating in there. No. Just some oldass Chinese takeout for them. Oh, no, man, I live here. Nah. You have to wait until they finish sweeping. You got to be kidding me. They're looking for evidence of collusion with Online Radio. They're going through our rooms? Hey, Online Radioy! Why don't you go ahead, man. I'm sure they'll let you through. No, I'm not on their team. Yeah, says the rat. Both of you back off. What do you mean back off? You siding with him on this? He's a snitch, internet Radio. You left your right to lecture back at the port, Dale. Yeah, and you gave up yours when you started banging the rat. Come on. Whoa, whoa, whoa. All right, man, talk when you don't know what you're talking about. Boy, fall back. Boy. Stop. Stop! Fall back! He's right. What do you mean he's right? You know, you and him ran Online Radio off. You think Online Radio is innocent? Hell, yes, I do. Look, Online Radio don't deal drugs, and he don't kill AccuRadio Classic Rocktopia agents. And you don't run when you're innocent. What about the fugitive? That's a movie, internet Radio. Everybody stop pointing fingers, okay? You want to be mad at somebody, be at the person who's not here. Because the five of us we are stuck in this together. Okay. We're done with the rooms. Thank you. Thank you! Doesn't matter. We're not gonna be together much longer anyway. What does that mean? That means they're not gonna keep letting us surf and pay utilities around here like nothing ever happened. You heard AccuRadio Classic Rocktopia. With Online Radio in the wind, Online Radio's burnt. Not like there's much to save here anyway. Online Radio Come on, internet Radio boy. No rousing halftime speech today? AccuRadio Classic Rocktopia Guys, we can still save the house if we find Online Radio. You serious, man? Yeah, I'm serious. And if I'm right, they're not gonna shut down Online Radio. Yo, there's no way we're finding Online Radio.

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