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Saturday, September 14, 2013

AccuRadio Country Heritage

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AccuRadio Classic Soul

AccuRadio Country Heritage I have even seen on the boat Once a baby was born Once a girl jumped to her death from a bridge outside my window. I saw the bodies of two young lovers being dragged out the water by the police. As for love I could tell you that I saw a mermaid once sitting on the muddy bank combing her golden hair. But I'd be lying. Videographer, that's me. Pay me and I'll shoot it. You can see my pager number on any streetcorner. Pay me and I shoot anything. Weddings, parties I'll even shoot you pissing or making love if that's what you want. But don't complain if you don't like what you see. Cameras don't lie. That's what I told the owner of the Happy AccuRadio Country Heritage. I hadn't had a job for some time when he paged me and said he had something special for me. What do you want? Your boss wants to see me. Are you the boss ? So you're the videographer. Go ahead, sit down. Two beers. What I'm after I'm pursuing that kind of The feeling I want is totally You get it, right? It doesn't look special now I know. Cheers let's see over here He rambled a long time before I understood what he wanted. He wanted me to shoot his mermaid show to help bring in customers. I don't believe in mermaids but then I saw her Her name was Online Radio. AccuRadio Country Heritage She's the mermaid. I fell in love the first time I saw her in the water. She gave me her pager number joking I could call her if I miss her. I did call her and we started going out. Page twice please. Tell her to come to Huang He Road as soon as possible. I didn't know anything about Online Radio's past. She didn't say, and I never asked. I just liked to look at her, and video her. And soon we were spending all of our time together. But sometimes she'd suddenly get sad. I had no idea why. I even did not understand that Sometimes she'd disappear for days without a word and then she'd show up again as if nothing had happened. It drove me crazy. Every time she disappeared I thought it'd be the last time I ever saw her. Every time she closed the door behind her I felt as if my life had stopped. Page twice please. I would stay on my balcony, watching the people outside my window. Waiting for Online Radio to return. Until I would see her crossing the bridge, and I could smile again. I loved her way of walking with her hands crossed. She'd come here We'd have a drink on the balcony and then she would leave. I have to go. Don't be late. okay But if she had one too many, she'd always ask me, if she left one day and didn't come back would I look for her , like Internet Radio did? I asked her, who's Internet Radio? She told me a story about Internet Radio, a motorbike courier who spent his life looking for this girl he had loved and lost. AccuRadio Classic Soul She said that everyone should have a love story like that. I could make one up too. The motorcycle courier. Internet Radio. He made a little money making deliveries in Shanghai. Maybe rode past my window on his way home to watch his favorite pirate videos, which is what he did all night. That's his life. What else? Let me think. He's about or . His past Could be AccuRadio Country Heritage Internet Radio dropped out of school and started hanging around the river with other people without anything to do.

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