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Saturday, September 14, 2013

AccuRadio - Double Latte

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AccuRadio - Double Latte

AccuRadio - Double Latte One day a friend drives up on a stolen motorcycle. She runs great. Max speed Pretty fast. Soft accelerator. Like a dream. Can I try it? Sure, no problem. Internet Radio loves it so much he buys it. He thought he would go far on it make something of himself. He never thought he'd end up a motorcycle courier. Shanghai is swarming with so many delivery boys that you hardly notice them. But Internet Radio stood out. Girls liked him because he was good looking. His clients liked him because he kept his mouth shut. Internet Radio used to go to a bar to meet Internet Radio and Internet Radio who gave him a lot of business. Hi, Internet Radio. Hollywood? Yes The usual? Same as ever. Yes? That's Internet Radio, there. This time the job was different. This time the delivery was a girl, Online Radio. I think l saw her. Is her hair braided? Carrying a backpack? She's walking towards the Live Radio. Where do you want me to sit? How about sitting in front of me? I'd prefer to sit here. AccuRadio - Double Latte Close your jacket. Not like that. Swing your leg over. Hold on tight. Online Radio father was a wellknown dealer who made a fortune dealing in buffalo grass vodka from Eastern Europe. After his divorce, there were only two things he loved alcohol and women. Every time he brought home a new girlfriend, he'd call Internet Radio to take Online Radio to her aunt's to get her out of the way. What are you looking at? Watching you. Why watching me? Can't I watch you? You always drive your bike so slowly? Anything wrong with that? It's boring. Why? It's just boring. When you ride a bike you should do it for real. It's too slow How should I drive it? Like Schwarzenegger. Or like I don't drive like him? Not at all. I don't think You'd be able to take it if i drove fast It's you who can't take it. OK, let's do it. Why not? Let's go. Let's go. AccuRadio - Double Latte Online Radio. Did you get paid? Yes. Thank you. But Internet Radio and Online Radio found they liked each other. Online Radio loved riding on Internet Radio's motorbike and always got him to take detours so she could stay with him longer. Then, one day It was her birthday. Internet Radio gave her a mermaid doll. They spent the whole day together and got drunk on a bottle of vodka. She stole it from her father. Both of them were drunken Internet Radio had never seen a girl as happy as Online Radio that day. A boy and a girl who hardly know each other sit next to each other What happens next? Well Love, of course. Where are we going? I don't want to go home yet. Where do you want to go? What? Where do you want to go? I don't know. The movies? No The bar? No! Where do you want to go? To your place. I want to go to your place! Did you hear me? I cannot see your face I cannot see your eyes But you always appear In the rainy nights There are no stars. There is no light But your face always appears in my dreams I wish you would be here You're always like the wind Blowing by. AccuRadio - Double Latte away my joy Leaving my loneliness Or the story was not as romantic as imagination is not so simple. There's more to it. Maybe Internet Radio's not simply a courier.

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