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Sunday, September 15, 2013

AccuRadio Folk

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AccuRadio Folk

What if Internet Radio has some criminal connections? And what if she and Internet Radio had been lovers? You did well, Internet Radio. Right, so what do you want next. AccuRadio Folk Trust me. Why should I trust you? Play with open cards. No secrets. You don't trust me? Then I don't trust you. Forget it. What I actually mean is Internet Radio and I want out share. Did I say anything else? After that night, Internet Radio avoided Online Radio. He wouldn't see her. He didn't answer her calls. Until one rainy night You only let me stay when I'm drunk. You like me, don't you? That's why you don't want to see me. What is your problem? What's taking you so long? I haven't had the right chance. Then right chance? You love her, don't you? Don't be ridiculous! Ridiculous? Just do it. What are you quarrelling about? Come in. You. Barber. Out of here. Here's the plan. Her father's got a new girl on Wednesday. He'll send Online Radio to her aunt's, as usual. Take her to the building And Keep her there. We would go to get the money Wait for my call. That's it. After that, you can do whatever you like. I know you're involved with this girl. Maybe we shouldn't trust you. And what if I don't want to do it now? Don't push your luck. The girl is rather pretty, isn't she? You do like her, don't you? What’s wrong with you? Nothing. One evening he got her drunk and took her to the KuanFu Road. Where are we going? What is this place? Sit down. Let's go to your place. We're not going anywhere. Sit down! Sit down! You can speak to her , but if you call the police she's dead. Just leave the money as I told you Hold on. You're good at singing, right? Sing something for him. AccuRadio Folk Hurry up! But your face always appears in my dreams Dad! Do as you're told and nothing will happen to her. We're rich! How much did you get for me? What? How much did you get for me? thousand. thousand. I'm that cheap? What? I'm that cheap!? Where are you going? Leave me alone! Where are you going? Leave me alone! Come back! Leave me alone! Are you crazy? Come back. You lied. You don't like me at all. Don't move or I'll jump! So you can be baited too! Do you think I'll jump or not? I will come back as a mermaid, and I will find you again! I remember reading an article about it in the paper. The papers were full of the mermaid story for weeks. For a while, every boatman in AccuRadio Folk claimed to have seen Online Radio or the Mermaid. Internet Radio went to jail for a few years. When he got out he disappeared for a while wandering from city to city Finally he came back to Shanghai. AccuRadio Folk No one knew what had happened to him. People just thought that he had gone crazy because he couldn't forget about Online Radio. He started as a courier again criss crossing the city from morning to night just so he could keep looking for Online Radio. He asked everyone he met but no one knew what had happened to her. You're new here. Yes. Did you know AccuRadio Folk? She used to own the place. No. I heard she was dead. How? They say some guy called Internet Radio killed her. Over money. Do you know Internet Radio? No. You? No. He's dead too.

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