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Sunday, September 15, 2013

AccuRadio Funk!

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AccuRadio Funk!
AccuRadio Funk! The police were chasing him and he jumped off the roof. He's dead too? Yes. And then? That's the end, I suppose. Not much of a love story but I don't know how to go on with it. Online Radio can finish telling his story himself. Yeah? OK, I'll be there in a minute. Sorry. What are you looking at? Something funny? Wait a minute. I'll buy you another beer! Is the water cold? Not so Bye. Drink? No, thank you. What do you want? You. Who the hell are you? Internet Radio. Don't you remember me? Sorry , I don't. What happened to you? OK, that's enough. Online Radio. Call the guards. I've had enough of creeps like you. Piss off. On your way! Get going! Get going! You've made a mistake. I don't do 'extras'. I don't want anything. Why are you following me? Get lost or I'll call the police! But what happened to you? What do you mean? I've been looking for you ever since I got out of jail. In jail? Don't worry. I'm not dangerous. I'm not drunk. So you want a drink now. Do you? No, I don't. AccuRadio Funk! I drink with you? No problem. Your turn. I don't want a drink! I just want to ask you Listen Listen we knew each other before. We were on the bridge I didn't lie to you, Online Radio. I'm not lying now. You were Online Radio Wait. Sorry to disappoint you. But you're wrong. Something is wrong with you. What's the matter? Nothing. I just have a show tonight. You don't have to go. No, I can't. Please. It's impossible. I can't. Alright. Fine. I have to go. Bye. That night, Where are you from? Online Radio led Internet Radio to me. What's matter? He told me that Online Radio was Online Radio, the girl he had been looking for. A few years ago I knew a girl. She looked exactly like Online Radio. It's true. Her name was Online Radio. She jumped from a bridge into the river and never came back. I keep looking for her They never found her body. I'm telling you this because she looked exactly like Online Radio. Exactly the same. Impossible. Your story had been long time ago You're wrong. I've known Online Radio for a long time. She's my girlfriend. Online Radio is my girl. Pizza rolls for bucks? Sometimes you gotta stand up to the man and say, "Coupon or not " Oliver Yeah. "I'm getting that sale price." Yeah, man. I'm right behind you. I know it. Look, it's the booking fairy! All right. Price, save me from my hell. Booking fairy's bangin'. No, no, no, no, no. We do not harass the booking fairy. Door buzzes Understood? Price, are you living down here now, or what? Fourth shift this week. Online Radio must be really impressed with my work. Well, at least you're not getting special treatment, huh? This is AccuRadio Funk!. Found him at the growop on Euclid. He was, uh, picking up marijuana. Here's a cell phone, blue lighter. Radio chatter This is a picture of a dog. It's not mine, though. It's a dog I aspire to own one day. Dogspiration, yo. Laughs He speaks your language. Enjoy. AccuRadio Funk! This is Officer Price. You will refer to her as such. Do you understand? Mmhmm.

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