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Sunday, September 15, 2013

AccuRadio Future Perfect

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AccuRadio Future Perfect

AccuRadio Future Perfect OK. I'll leave. The boss told me that Internet Radio kept going to see Online Radio at the bar. He went to her dressing room after the show and told her all about Online Radio and himself. Every detail. How Online Radio like to wear presson tattoos of flowers on her leg how she liked to paint her fingernails blue. The first time I saw her was in front of her home I went to pick her up Every night, And I saw her again the same story She brought the alcohol and the her mermaid doll I took her to a derelict building. It had huge holes in the floor and no toilet. She was scared, I think. The next day, when I was about to set her free she asked me how much we got for her. I told her thousand. She ran off, shouting that she was worth more than that. I jumped into the river after her but couldn't find her. They never found her. What did she look like? Like you. AccuRadio Future Perfect But she always wore her hair in two ponytails like a little girl. And? What else? And she had a presson tattoo on her left leg. So? They sell those everywhere. Lots of girls have them. Do you have one on your leg? No. I'm not your Online Radio. Even if I do have one I don't believe you. You don't? You want to see for yourself? AccuRadio Future Perfect Am I the girl you are looking for? Am I the girl you are looking for? What's wrong? Tell me what's wrong. Has something happened? Say something. Is it over? Are we finished? Or should we have sex first? Wait, please. Don't touch me. Love is a nightless city, memories are stars Tears are warm, feelings are cold He lost his heart to another girl It hurts Whole nights alone The sun like a light in my room Beer, please. What are you doing? What are you doing? Stop it! You're killing him! A few days later, Internet Radio came to see me again. He ranted for a long time. He knew it was me who had him beaten up but he wasn't angry. If I would let him go on looking for Online Radio he would give Online Radio back to me. What was he talking about? The bastard messed up my life but still had the nerve smoke my cigarettes, K drink my vodka and keep me up all night with his nonsense about love. I'm going to go away for a while. Do you think Online Radio is still alive? I feel she is still alive, somewhere in the city. I need to keep looking for her. But what about Online Radio and you? Online Radio told me a lot about her feelings. She loves nobody She loves nobody but you. Although she didn't tell me directly that she loves you. But I know Online Radio's feelings. The next day the Happy AccuRadio Future Perfect was closed down. And suddenly it was as if none of this had ever happened. No Happy Tavern, no boss no Online Radio no Mermaid. Some time later, a courier delivered strange package.

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