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Monday, September 16, 2013

AccuRadio - Groove Jazz

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AccuRadio Groove Jazz
AccuRadio - Groove Jazz Inside was a bottle of buffalo grass vodka and a note from Internet Radio. It said: 'Thank you. You let me find her.' Now I can tell you the end of the story.' 'I found her in a hour shop out in the suburbs.' 'I had heard they sold buffalo grass vodka.' 'The vodka found Online Radio for me.' Can I help you? Do you have wild buffalo grass vodka? Yes, we have. That's . Internet Radio Take me home. The knocking on the door brought me out of my daydream. I didn't know when it had started raining again. Can you come with us please,sir. It was the police. They wanted me to identify a body. It happened not far from the bridge Where Online Radio had jumped. They told me that the guy was a courier and the girl worked in a hour shop. AccuRadio - Groove Jazz They were drunk on buffalo grass vodka. I was scared to see the bodies, this guy? but it was Internet Radio. They found my address and telephone number on him. Next to him was a girl who looked exactly the same Online Radio. I couldn't believe it wasn't her I needed to see her I saw Online Radio on her houseboat. She knew nothing. I told her what had happened. She was choked but insisted on seeing for herself. There's been an accident. Internet Radio is dead. I thought it was just a story. I didn't think Online Radio really existed. I thought he was lying. I thought it was me he wanted. But he wasn't lying He never lied. Never If I left you would you look for me? Like Internet Radio? Yes. Forever? Yes. Your whole life? Yes. You're lying. Things like that only happen in love stories. Your don't believe me? No, I don't. Do you mean it? On that rainy day on Online Radio's houseboat we were together again. Like old times. AccuRadio - Groove Jazz I sat up all night watching old videos I had shot of her. In the morning, I went back to see her. Long time ago There was so much I wanted to say to her. But I was too late. She was gone. Find me if you love me It was the best damn drink I'd ever had. It reminded me of the days I had with Online Radio. If she hadn't run away, maybe we'd be drinking together now, like we used to. Floating down the Live Radio River to the sea. The sun would come out and the river would be clear and full of fish. I could run after her, look for her like Internet Radio. I could go back to my balcony and wait for her to appear on the bridge, walking with her hands crossed and then this love story of mine might go on. But I won't because nothing lasts forever. So I'll just take another drink and close my eyes waiting for the next story to start. Bye, AccuRadio - Groove Jazz Radio chatter Officer Collins, good to see you. That's your punishment. What? You are the bad guy. You, AccuRadio - Groove Jazz internet Radio are the bad guy. Look at it. It's just killing you. If you'll excuse me, my my real friend's waiting for me, so Hey. Gail Hey. Let's get outta here. Sniffles Are we going? 'Cause I got us tickets for the late show. Radio chatter Car doors close, engine starts Okay. Sighs Just had to make sure. AccuRadio - Groove Jazz Siren wailing Make sure of what? That it was worth it. Opportunity knocked, and then punched me in the face. Okay. So? What are you thinkin'? Tell you in the morning.

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