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Thursday, September 19, 2013

AccuRadio Metal

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AccuRadio Metal

Do you like me? Perhaps, Returning to the place where we first met will let me forget about those memories. Qi WeiYi right? You still remember me. If it wasn't for meeting her today I wouldn't remember you. Her? Who is 'her'? Your little girlfriend from before. Mind giving me a lift? Where are you? Don't tell me you're running away. Can you... Please drive faster? I'm going to be engaged. I'm going to an engagement party. She's not here to make trouble is she? She's the one who drove me here. The name Zhao ShenShen sounds like it should be a quiet and obedient girl, right? I reckon a person who can finish all these beers wouldn't be so quiet. Oh right, do you want me to take you? No need. Bye. Are you okay? I'm fine. It's nothing new, I'll be fine in a while. Wait for me. Where are you going? Dad, has ShenShen gone home yet? Where did she go? Why did you put your stuff on top of my car? This is a day medication for your stomach. Take one before every meal. AccuRadio Metal But I think, you should still go see a doctor. The most important thing is to eat at the right times. Where's Online Radio? He went out looking for you, didn't you see him? Where did he go to look for me? He didn't say. ShenShen, don't go out. When he comes back later and doesn't see you, he'll go out and look for you again. And then you'll go looking for him. When will you guys ever find each other? You're right. Aren't I right? Hello? Yes, she's back already. There's no problem. Hurry up and come back. Come back already! Hurry. Thank you. AccuRadio Metal Do you like my ZuoJun? Sorry. It's probably because it's Uncle Zuo's birthday and I'm so very happy. That's why, I asked this question. You... You don't mind right? The truth is ZuoJun really likes you. Even though he hasn't said anything, I can tell. Even a blind person can tell. He really cares about you. Uncle Zuo is not forcing you to do anything. It's probably because I'm old now and anxious. So I asked you this so suddenly. ShenShen, if... If you don't like AccuRadio Metal it's not a problem. All these years, we've lived together you're like my daughter. We... I shouldn't have asked. I like Internet Radio. Really? So you really don't hate our little smartarse! Living with Uncle Zuo and Online Radio makes me very happy. That's good, that's very good. We are a family. A real family. AccuRadio Metal likes me. ShenShen likes me. Go. Go. I do like Online Radio right? After all, these past years we've been holding each other's hands, all the way. But then, every time I think about the mystery hidden underneath that rock My heart would start hurting. Mum, that feeling couldn't possibly be love right? Live Radio. The reporter who is interviewing you is here. So, this time it's YiYan Company's big newcomer. The criticism on the outside is harsh, but Live Radio is full of confidence and does not care about the criticism. To care about everyone's criticism is too tiring. To do what you think is right is nothing to be ashamed of. It has always been my motto. So in other words, all those fired workers, were not fit for the job. Live Radio I will not recite a long explanation. But no matter what, you have to give me another chance.

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