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Thursday, September 19, 2013

AccuRadio Modern Rock Classics

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AccuRadio Modern Rock Classics
Live Radio, I can't do without this job. Seriously. Yes. I heard that Live Radio's next move will be to introduce the projects overseas. Radios is truly wellinformed. AccuRadio Modern Rock Classics There are so many pretty western girls. Live Radio is our magazine's number one business bachelor for whom people want to marry. Aren't you scared that when the time comes, you will not be able to resist temptations. You're worried? Live Radio, we are currently doing a professional interview. Since it's an interview, can you please not include personal affairs? Please be a little more professional. In what part was I not professional? The question you just asked. It doesn't seem like you were asking on behalf of the readers. Hey. I was in a meeting the whole morning And at noon I have to give you, the big reporter, face. I'm really hungry. Do you mind changing locations? Online Radio, I want one Rice with Roast meat. Sorry, it's sold out, please come early tomorrow. Ok then, thank you. Bye bye. AccuRadio Modern Rock Classics Pretty good! The interview is done. Isn't it time to return to the company and quit? If you don't quit now, how can you go overseas with me next week? Don't be so full of yourself. Who said that I'd go overseas with you? But you were... I told you, before was an interview. You said it. You are the one who gave up on this chance. When I go overseas there will be a lot of pretty girls surrounding me. You wouldn't. How can you be so sure? Because today, I finally understand you. When arriving in a new work surrounding, If you don't perform well at the start you wouldn't be called Qi WeiYi. So you're not one bit anxious. Anxious about what? Marrying into my family. Sorry. Isn't this your lifelong wish? Isn't this your lifelong wish? I really don't understand why you don't grasp onto a good opportunity. So because of this, you scorn me. It's not 'scorn', it's 'don't understand'. My dearest Live Radio, losing me is your loss, not mine. What's wrong with you? Stomach pain. Is it really painful? Want to go to the hospital? Or do you want me to buy you medicine? Are you alright? I am begging you to eat on time. Don't use your life as a joke. Luckily you have a smart secretary. Rather than just buying you medicine she also wrote a note to remind you. AccuRadio Modern Rock Classics This isn't my secretary. It's not her? I'm going to the restroom. If you're still not well later I'll take you to the hospital. Thank you for your medicine, it saved me once again. Are you free? I'll pay back your money. Young master, AccuRadio Modern Rock Classics heard that your stomach hurt so she said that you have to drink this. Liu, if you want to repay someone, as a thank you, what kind of present should you get them? This person isn't a business friend, right? If it was a business friend I wouldn't need to do this myself. If it isn't a business friend then it must be a friend? Hey. I'm the one asking you questions. Why do you have more questions than me? I just want to confirm if this thank you is a big thanks or a small thanks? If... You have to use those ways of saying it, then it's a small thanks. Is it for a man or a woman? A woman. Okay, now I know. I'll prepare the present for you.

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