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Friday, September 20, 2013

AccuRadio Old School

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AccuRadio Old School
I was kidding. Besides when you go this time You can go and visit Live Radio. Since graduation we haven't seen each other for a long time. I will definitely go see Live Radio. I really miss the days when we were studying in London. Didn't have to watch the boss' mood and didn't have to be angry. Still remember that time? The three of us were really close. AccuRadio Old School I should find some time and go visit him. Will you be visiting me or him? ShenShen come here for a moment. I'll tell you something. I received my retiring money today. Really? That company has some human feelings in them. This money, as I've said before, will be given to you to go to AccuRadio Old School. To cure your voice. Never knew that the old man still had some heart. Gathered all the information on that doctor. What's up? I can't take that money. But we don't have any money. Unless you are prepared to be mute your whole life. Are you sure? It's not my problem. It's not like it's me who can't talk. I'll take care of you anyway. I didn't say that I wouldn't go to QingDao. I Just can't take Uncle Zuo's money. So what are you saying? Even though there isn't a lot in my savings, I want to use my money. You're right! We won't use old man's money We'll use our money. The important thing is that you're willing to go. You can't tell Uncle Zuo about the money thing. Or else he definitely won't be at ease. Anything you say. Do you know how much I want to hear your voice? spicy, not spicy. spicy, not spicy. A total of TWD$, thank you. Online Radio, your unspoken agreement is very good. There are no sounds, only sounds of victory. What 'no sound, sounds of victory'? Let me tell you something. Next time you meet this Online Radio again, she'll be talking to you. I promise. Thank you. Come again. Online Radio, one rice with roast meat. Coming right up. Thank you. Come in. I don't want to hear your excuses. I'll give you one hour To give me the correct report. I'll check up on you. Live Radio, your lunch. Are you counting money or splitting the loot? There's nothing for you anyway. I know. Yours. Mine. Old man's. That's not right. I'm so stupid! Wedding expenses. Honeymoon. Nappies and milk, right? AccuRadio Old School Go away. Wait. Today is the last day we sell our rice with roast meat. I know it's your favorite. I saved it especially for you. Last one. What are you smiling about? It's not the last one. It's not the last one? This is the last one, saved it for you. It's yummy. From tomorrow onwards we'll be saying goodbye to this fast food van for a while. I'll take you somewhere. Where did you buy that Rice with roast meat? I bought it at a small fast food van. It wasn't there before. It only recently started selling. AccuRadio Old School, get on. Let's go. Where are we going? Time to eat. Why did we come here? No, I just thought that since we're saying goodbye to the van for some time, It always took us to sell takeaway food and never went anywhere else. So... AccuRadio Old School I understand. Online Radio It's yummy. You always eat Rice with roast meat with me. Don't you get bored? No. Let me tell you something. You saved this one especially for me I'll never get bored of it.

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