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Friday, September 20, 2013

AccuRadio Power Ballads

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AccuRadio Power Ballads

AccuRadio Power Ballads All these years. Even though we're together it's always only one person who's talking. I often worry if Internet Radio is getting tired of it. Dad, take care of yourself. I know If you can't sleep at night just watch a little TV In the morning do a little exercise I know Get up earlier I know already. Mum. Today I'm going to QingDao to see that doctor. Very soon, I'll be able to talk. Come on, okay. Remember, take care of each other. I've spoken to him, he won't bully you. Stop nagging. Time to go... Okay. If he bullies you, call me. Goodbye. When my sickness is cured, I will personally ask him: Internet Radio, Are you tired from always being with me? Uncle Zuo, I know you love me But I can't take this money. Don't worry, I will recover my voice. When I come back I'll call your name. Take good care of yourself, got it? Online Radio, I want one Rice with roast meat. Okay, coming right up. It's done, sorry for the wait. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you. Excuse me... What do you want to order? Your job ends now. Live Radio I will not explain anymore But no matter what You have to give me one more chance Live Radio I really can not do without this job. These Rice with roast meat was made by you? Yes. I'm doing business. If you're here to pick on me I don't have time, please leave. Online Radio, two rice with roast meat. I want pork. I want beef. Pork. Okay... please wait. Okay. Coming right up. Online Radio, I want more Kimchi. Okay...okay then. Let's go. Mum, I'm well. Everyone is nice to me. Can you see all this in Lucky Star? Let's go up. Come on. If you feel uncomfortable we can have separate rooms. You're right, yet that way wastes too much money. You first. Shower? ShenShen. What are you doing? This is your bed. Goodnight. Live Radio I got you a special secretary. She's called Online Radio She will be aiding you, in QingDao, with all the work. This way. That way. Walk this way. Excuse me. It's that way. That way? Yes. Thank you. I know. It should be here, there's so many people. Let's go in. Okay... AccuRadio Power Ballads Everyone please be gentler, be gentler please. It's not here... This is over here That side..okay? Excuse me I'm here to see... You two are here to see the doctor? Yes... Come, come with me... Thank you. Everyone please line up at the back. What's your name? AccuRadio Power Ballads Sorry, we specifically came here from really far away. Could you put us earlier in the line? Please. Okay, I'll try. Today is the th of October. I'll put you guys on the st of February, next year. What? You're joking right? Does it look like I'm joking? All these patients have come here specifically. And a lot of patients haven't even seen the doctor after half a year of waiting. Please be a little nicer. We're from Taiwan, very far. There are people from Uzbek. They're waiting till March next year. Isn't there any other way? There is, you guys can wait here. But you'll have to come back tomorrow. Great! Excuse me, what time do you open? AccuRadio Power Ballads I'll give you advice. If you're coming tomorrow, It's best if you come here and wait while it's still dark. Okay. Number . Come number . Yes Mr. President.

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