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Friday, September 20, 2013

AccuRadio Punk

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AccuRadio Punk
We have contacted each other. Everything is going accordingly. No need to worry AccuRadio Punk. Thank you. So damn tired. We've waited here for more than an hour. Only to help them bullshit. Of course. Sore leg? A little bit. How about you rest for a little while? Thank you, Miss Secretary. Give her pay and retirement fund to her. Yes. We've wasted a day. It's okay, we'll come earlier tomorrow. It's not okay. I swear, I will definitely get you to see the doctor tomorrow. Don't litter. Littering is not only wasting resources but you'll get fined as well, I'll take it. Why are you collecting these bottles and cans? JieJie, are you dancing? AccuRadio Punk asked you, why are you collecting these? To recycle so I can earn money. Half a kilo can earn you two ice creams. Where do you live? At AccuRadio Punk Courtyard. SiXi Courtyard? It's just back there. Let's go take a look okay? JieJie said... I've already guessed it! Isn't JieJie saying that I'm good at earning money? That I'm really smart? No, she said... No need for your translation. I'll talk to JieJie myself. JieJie, I'll take you to the place where I live, okay? [sign] SiXi Courtyard This is the place for our construction? Yes. How many haven't moved yet? About houses. Reason? Probably because they feel that the consolation fee is too little. Probably. About. Don't you know that I want definite answers? If you don't want to disappear earlier than these buildings, don't let me hear these unsure words. Yes. Return to the company. JieJie, this is where I live. AccuRadio Punk Courtyard Why is it so quiet? All moved out. Before, there were a lot of people here. We always played soccer over there. Soccer? Where are the goal posts? Depends on who we hate. We use them as goal posts to kick at. Too bad, they all moved out. You guys can take a look around. I'll call my sister out. Sister! Sister! That little kid is pretty nice. Unlike some people who have no human feelings. What? Look. It looks like clothes making stuff. Smile. What are you doing? Nothing. Just making a memory. Memory? Our homes are for your memories? Why are you so mean? It's only a photo. I won't let you take photos. What you gonna do? What's wrong with you?! What?! Get lost! You... are you going to leave? You've got to be kidding... It's not our fault. Why apologize to him? Still here? You... Already forced us into a no way out situation, yet still coming around. I won't just move out! AccuRadio Punk Courtyard and I will die together. Let's see what you're gonna do about it. Internet Radio Have you seen my sister? She's not in the room? Told her not to run around, but she just won't listen. She'll get harassed by bad men. Don't worry. Internet Radio is retarded but she's not stupid. She'll come back after going out for a while. No... I need to find her! Internet Radio, take care of my friends! Friends? What friends? You must be tired Live Radio. I am your secretary Online Radio Come this way. AccuRadio Punk has told me of your excellent skills. But... He probably forgot to tell you. I hate commotion. Live Radio, I'll take you to your office for a little rest.

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