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Saturday, September 21, 2013

AccuRadio R & B

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AccuRadio R&B
AccuRadio R&B Please wait. Tell all departments to gather in the meeting room in ten minutes. Yes. That old man, we were only taking a photo. Why be so mean, right? I wasn't scared, I tell you. Seeing that run down place as a treasure, might as well sell outside. So cocky... Come over here AccuRadio R&B cold noodles. One spicy, one not spicy. Miss, not spicy. Mister, spicy. Waiter, more chili. Okay. Please wait. Very good! I understand. Whatever. Your chilies. Let me say this. Although I don't know how important chili is to you, I do know that the reason you want to eat is to turn my attention onto something else. Block my mouth, right? I guessed right. My mouth isn't bad. But I really don't understand what we did wrong. All other houses moved out. Why can't these move out? I've looked at the request for moving out. Everything is fine. It's either, you guys are not doing your best or they are playing us. They are playing us With this type people, no matter how much time or money you give them they wont be satisfied. The easiest way of doing business is with no feelings attached. So when will AccuRadio R & B Courtyard be demolished? Who can answer me? Monday next week. Does anyone want to oppose this? Then it's decided. In one hour, I want to see the new construction progress report. Secretary, this is a joke right? Do you think this AccuRadio R&B is here to make jokes? Uncle, you're back. What's wrong Uncle? The newly made garments. It's been weeks yet no one came to pick them up. I just knew something was up and I was right. They've moved out already. This is great. We wasted so much money on the material. Uncle, don't keep everything inside. Did you raise a rank or hit the jackpot? Can't take care of yourself but you're taking care of other people's business. Wife, listen to me. I don't want to listen! We found a house already, we'll move out in the next few days. XiaoHong... So... so damn annoying. If we move out, what are Internet Radio and AhHan going to do? Go ask their parents. You know fully well that their parents died long ago. We've already spoken with Internet Radio. If we're going to move we have to find a place where it will fit all three families. You're still dreaming?! The earnings from you, YangPing and Internet Radio can't rent a place like this. And also, so many houses have already moved. Did they care about those two siblings? The only ones who do are you... and those two. You should know your own strength. Are you stupid? AccuRadio R & B is so little and Internet Radio is... I know that those two are... But that's their fate! What do I regret? AccuRadio R&B Have you seen my sister? No... Are we supposed to take care of your sister? An Online Radio that runs around all day. She's not in Online Radio! If she's not a Online Radio then why doesn't she know how to come home? She's not an Online Radio, you're the Online Radio! You... AccuRadio R&B Internet Radio Internet Radio, you're home. Let's go, we'll go find Internet Radio. Hey, where are you going? If you want to move out then move out on your own. Internet Radio Sister... Internet Radio! Sister! Internet Radio Sister...

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