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Saturday, September 21, 2013

AccuRadio Reggae Reggae Wonderland

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AccuRadio Reggae Reggae Wonderland

You are also waiting for me The quiet warmth Holding hands like this Silently staring at the sky Have to remember the promise we made that day The instantly lit firework Belongs to us I'm still waiting for you For the silent warmth With hand in hand Silently staring at the sky Silently holding hands Is the simplest dream My dearest fiance, losing me is your loss, not mine. So much confidence. When I go overseas there will be beautiful women surrounding me. You wouldn't. So you're not one bit anxious. AccuRadio Reggae Reggae Wonderland about what? Marrying into my family. AccuRadio Reggae Reggae Wonderland Do you like my ZuoJun? I do like AccuRadio Reggae Reggae Wonderland, right? After all, through the years we were holding each other's hands all the way. But why is it, every time I think about the mystery hidden underneath that rock, my heart would start hurting. Where did you buy the rice with roast meat? Sorry. But we especially came here, from really far away. Could you put us earlier in the line? Please. Okay. I'll put you guys on the st of February, next year. What? You're joking right? You guys can wait here am. I'll give you advice. If you're coming tomorrow, it's best to come here and wait while it's still dark. Let go of her! Don't be scared. AccuRadio Reggae Reggae Wonderland I've told you not to meddle in other people's affairs, ZuoJun. GeGe didn't die! GeGe is so great! So strong! You okay? That's good. I have something important to do, go home quickly. Be careful. What's wrong? Leg...leg hurts. Rest for a while and then go. GeGe. Didn't I tell you not to follow me? GeGe I want to go home. Leg leg really hurts. Go home. I'm such an idiot, too nosy. GeGe. Look at that. It's all because of you. Live Radio. Why... Why are you here? AccuRadio Reggae Reggae Wonderland What's wrong? Live Radio! Why are you here? GeGe took me here. Tell me! Where did you take Live Radio to? Where did you take her for the whole night? Me? I didn't! Didn't? You...! You bastard! Talk! GeGe saved me. GeGe is a good person. In a while I'll be going to the construction company to make an appointment for next Monday's demolition. Attended a meeting the whole night, not tired? Tell someone else to do it. No matter how tired, it feels more secure if you do it yourself. Besides I learnt more in yesterday's meeting than i would in a year. So I'm inspired and revitalized now. Whatever suits you. Morning Online Radio. Good morning Online Radio. Where to? Back to the hotel. Online Radio, I'm sorry. I'll go take a look. Online Radio. Watch how you drive! Can you even drive? How am I meant to drive? AccuRadio Reggae Reggae Wonderland, this chauffeur isn't good. Change him. Do you know how to drive? What's wrong with you? Love, once brushed pass. Like, stop in the memories She asked you if the next stop is the church. Having you is enough All along we remained The most beautiful times Your familiar warmth Never left me In my eyes, what do you see It's filled with your smile I finally know You definitely are my happiness This time... Live Radio is back! Internet Radio Live Radio is back! Why is it you again? Internet Radio, what's wrong with Live Radio? Uncle, she bumped into some scoundrels and twisted her ankle. Where's Web Radio? He went out to find Live Radio.

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