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Sunday, September 22, 2013

AccuRadio World Music

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AccuRadio World Music
The hospital thing is OK. Uncle Online Radio. I... That... If you want to say something, just say it. AhFu and I found a new place. But it's too small. If you want to move then move Live Radio and her brother will not cling onto you. Of course. We're not their relatives, why would they cling onto us? No Uncle Online Radio. I'm saying if you want to be the good person, then you can. But can you not drag my AhFu along? Internet Radio! How are you? He's called Web Radio, and she's called Live Radio. AccuRadio World Music is so pretty. You are pretty too. She said you're really pretty. From now on call her AccuRadio World Music. It's AccuRadio World Music. Let's go Internet Radio. Alright. Uncle Online Radio. The noodles you made yesterday were so good that's why I've come today. Alright. Hello AccuRadio World Music Online Radio. This is ShenShen, she said hi. Hello, hello. Retard, wild child and now a mute. The leeches are all assembled. What kind of FengShui does our Internet Radio Courtyard have? Yeah, the FengShui is bad. You take care not to get sick. Ignore her. I'll go make you guys something. What? I want to ask something. Ask what? The hospital thing. Did Uncle Online Radio talk to AhFu about it? Still haven't found the right opportunity. AccuRadio World Music is really strict about work. The old doctor is even stricter about work. If worse comes to worse, they will reject it straight away. What should we do? Stupid. Didn't I say this is my turf? I'll help you, don't worry. Leave it to me. It's all up to you then. I'm sorry about that day. My temper is quick and straight forward. Don't be scared because of it. Live Radio and Web Radio made two new friends. I'm extremely happy. In the past, our Internet Radio Courtyard was very full of life. Just saying 'dinner', if you yell a little, a whole heap of people would come. Not like now. I really don't know how long I will be able to continue cooking here. This land belongs to a big company and the big company wants it back to build a shopping mall. In the end, the landlord took our rent and also took the big company's compensation money. Left us to become ruins and didn't care at all. We have explanations but nowhere to say them. We can only swallow the unfairness. It's painful. Today's dishes look yummy. Really? The more people, the better the food will taste. Then I won't hold back. Okay. Here, eat. Today isn't Sunday, why aren't they at school? Web Radio, ShenShen Jie asked today isn't Sunday, why aren't you at school? School is no fun. What 'no fun'? Isn't it because you're worried about your sister, Live Radio? I'll get you another bowlful. I want a bit more. Now that everyone is living together that kid won't go to school. If everyone moved out and separated, what will happen to those siblings? Don't they have parents? No parents? Their dad died early. And their cruel mum just left them. Web Radio is little but he matured early. His heart is dedicated on his sister Live Radio. If it weren't for me, my nephew Internet Radio AccuRadio World Music and them looking after the siblings it's hard to say how they would be faring. Too bad, this place will not be here for long.

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