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Sunday, September 22, 2013

AceRadio 90s Alternative Rock

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AceRadio 90s Alternative Rock
AceRadio 90s Alternative Rock wife, Internet Radio, you saw her just then. She really isn't a bad person. It's just that someone lied and took her money. So now everything is planned only for herself. I don't blame her. After all, she watched me grow old. And also bowed to me three times. note: Bowing three times to elders is a wedding tradition. But... Excuse me, is anyone here? Is anyone in? Is there a problem? Our CEO would like to have a word with everyone. How come it's you? Ignore them, eating is more important. Who cares if he's some CEO? We'll go eat our food. Sorry for interrupting your lunch. Today, our AceRadio 90s Alternative Rock has personally come here to inform everyone that the demolition for Internet Radio Courtyard will commence next Monday. Hopefully, before next Monday everyone will finish moving out. It will reduce the risk of injury on both sides. Then... I will no longer hold up everyone's lunch time. Uncle Online Radio what should we do? What should we do? ShenShen. Enough. They were tricked by someone. Did you know that? I don't know what you're trying to say. But I probably know the meaning. I don't know why you happened to appear here. But, number one, this is none of your business. Number two, blocking a car is very dangerous. Why do you like to kick people out? Does it make you happy? She asked you if you like to kick people out. I don't understand your position and you don't understand mine. Since we both don't understand. please don't judge another by actions alone. Online Radio. What needed to be said, has been said. You still have a meeting this afternoon. Don't be late. Leave him, you can't reason with him. Leave him alone. AceRadio 90s Alternative Rock The hotel let you stay for a long time. Decorations for your house have finished. See if you like it or not. Today, that girl from Internet Radio Courtyard was your friend? Not really. So you have met before? Is this important? I'm only worried that meeting someone familiar might affect the plan of recovering that land. Do everything according to plan. I want to rest. Don't forget to find a chauffeur. Yes. AceRadio 90s Alternative Rock These two kids seem quite sincere. Can you do me a favor? Let ShenShen cut the line to see the doctor. There... there should be a way. But it's not like you don't know... Because of saving Live Radio he even got into a fight. AceRadio 90s Alternative Rock I'll try. Master, this morning's patients have all been seen. Master That is... My uncle just called. He said that he made some dishes and wants you to go. Unfortunately, I've aleady brought my lunch, next time. Are you talking about that bowl of lamb noodles? Master, are you talking about this bowl? Sorry. I was hungry. I thought Internet Radio bought it so I ate it. Since I ate your lunch and I can't have you going hungry then...then...why not just listen to Internet Radio and go to Internet Radio Courtyard. Yeah. Eat an easy meal. Yeah. What is up with you two today? Forcing me to go to Internet Radio Courtyard. Master. my uncle can make clothing and food. Since he already asked you might as well give him a little dignity. Yes, just arrive at the scene. Yes... Go go go... Oh right.

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