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Monday, September 23, 2013

AceRadio Alternative Rock

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AceRadio Alternative Rock
I'll get master's needle and medicine tools. We're eating, why take needles? We're eating, so we need to take the tools for it. Yes... AceRadio Alternative Rock Coming... the food is here. Coming... Let's start, let's start. Tell me, who is the patient that wants to see me? Master, I know you hate disobeying the rules. But they came from far away. It's not easy. So Internet Radio and I... A person worthy of making Uncle Online Radio trick me, I definitely have to see. But this lady's status... What's wrong? Can't she recover? No... Her voice box is fine. She is just unable to speak. This sickness can't be cured in days or half a year. However, if you don't try to cure it, yet hit a spot she'll be cured. Of course this method could leave her mute for the rest of her life. What spot? It is a thing we cannot beg for. For example, a sudden shock, sudden surprise. are all possible. But... but what if master, you, use some way to cure it? It all will depend on destiny. You cannot force destiny. Why can't you force it? AceRadio Alternative Rock hoped you could cure her and came to QingDao for that You feel that it is forcing but I reckon it is destiny. If you don't do anything and only wait for destiny to drop in front of you Then every sick person should wait for death. Web Radio. Master, don't go. Don't fuss too much over a kid's words. That's right, master. Little man. Don't read many books, yet you can talk about the ways of life. Miss, the medicine for your sickness will be expensive. Be prepared. Lunch break is over, go back to work. Yes master. Thank you Dr. He. If our master says one, it's one. If he agrees, he will not go back on his word! So don't worry. Thank you, thank you... No worries... Thank you... Yay! There's a way! Very soon I'll be able to hear your voice. But the doctor said the medicine will be expensive. So? We should just forget it. Don't worry. What is this? Money. I'll take care of work. You just take care of recovering. We'll split up the jobs, okay? I'll definitely cure your sickness. Because I really really really really want to hear your voice. I wonder if your voice is like a duck's. So? Test to see if there's any sound. Idiot. You sure? You think you're some super doctor? So, the money we need to spend, we'll spend. Hello. May I ask if there are any workers wanted? The position is already filled. Filled? Yes. Ok. Thank you. I went to find work. Remember to eat breakfast. And don't forget to see the doctor. Beer company... Let's try this one. Why is it so hard to find a job? Hello...are you hiring? He YuanTang Your body is a little hot. It's easy to stock up stress. If we stick a needle in the vein at it's most active time, noon, it might change your status. ShenShen Jie, you're here. Where is Internet Radio? Ignore her. ShenShen Jie, I can carry it. Internet Radio. AceRadio Alternative Rock, look. I collected so many today! Great! AceRadio Alternative Rock, you can't drink this. Sis, it's dirty, can't drink it. AceRadio Alternative Rock did you go to see the doctor today? Acupuncture. It hurt? Really hurt. My sister hates pain as well Every time she takes an injection, I would blow on it I'll help you blow on it. Here? I can as well.

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