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Monday, September 23, 2013

AceRadio Classic Rock

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AceRadio Classic Rock
Taking care of Live Radio is tiring isn't it? No way. I do it happily everyday. With Uncle Online Radio and them here. And now there's you and Internet Radio. But I am worried about where we're going to live in the future. Can you give me another chance? No. Take these. Go away quickly... Not even enough for the hotel fee, and the medicine fee? [Ad: Looking for a chauffeur] Miss Online Radio, you have the free time to come here today? Please... Where is Aunty Qi? There, fixing the flower pots. Watched a whole night of T.V and then started tending to the garden early in the morning. Her eyes didn't even get to rest one bit. So messy... Aunty Qi. Online Radio, why are you here today? I wanted a rest. It's so pretty. It is not. Look, only a few days without fixing them. Look, the flower doesn't look like a flower. So messy. The flowers grow so nicely. Cutting them is such a sad thing... You can't hang onto them. Look. Fixing them up a little and letting them grow out again will make them even prettier. Look, doesn't it look better now? Has Online Radio called you these few days? Sometimes we chat online. Don't know if he is used to QingDao. Always busy. Busy...always busy. My Cordate Telosmas. Where are my Cordate Telosmas? Aunty Qi. Liu! Liu! Liu! Liu! Where are my Cordate telosmas? Liu! Liu! Housekeeper Liu where are you?! Where's Zhou? Mistress, what's wrong, what's wrong? Where's AceRadio Classic Rock Didn't you tell him to make a flower shelf? He went to buy some wood. Get him back immediately. Aunty Qi, what's wrong? My Cordate Telosmas. Cordate Telosmas. All my Cordate Telosmas are gone! Mistress, If you haven't worked it out: Cordate Telosmas are a type of flower didn't you say that the Cordate Telosma's scent wouldn't let you sleep at night? So Zhou, he... He... he what? Gave them away. Who let him. I AceRadio Classic Rock the Master is coming down. A little quieter. Master is coming down. His business bag... His business bag, hurry. If you're confident you can do better than Online Radio, then do so. No need to report to me about little details. Online Radio, you're here. Uncle Qi. What? Coming to your future father in law to help that kid, Online Radio I'm not good enough and fear of embarassing myself. Also good. If you want to go around helping that kid prepare to die of anger. He acted arrogantly at the main company yet when he went to QingDao to work he started dilly-dallying. Strange and unexplainable. You guys chat. Uncle Qi has to go to the company. Take care Uncle Qi. Business bag. Your Uncle Qi's only wish is for Online Radio to be like him. Unfortunately, Online Radio is like me. Really? I always thought that Online Radio is like Uncle Qi. That's because you have not met the true Qi Online Radio. QingDao's most handsome chauffeur has arrived!!! From Taiwan? Familiar with AceRadio Classic Rock roads? Our CEO is picky, can you handle it? Roads are made by men. How can I not handle them? Do you have a national chauffeur's license? Of course. When my dad went overseas, at that time... Okay... wait here. I'll go find the head of department. Ok. Thank you.

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