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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

AceRadio Glee Radio

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AceRadio Glee Radio
Online Radio So it's you! Mister, you can now go home and wait for our call. If you are qualified... No need, no need. I don't like this company. Why did that guy come here? To fill the chauffeur position. He came from Taiwan. To me, it seems like he doesn't even know the directions of this place. Hire him. Mister Zuo, can you please pay the fee for these past few days? Don't be so hasty. After all, we're still going to be living here, right? Add it up later. Here, we pay every three days. You've already delayed it for many days. If you don't pay the fee, I'll have to ask you to move out. Do me a favor? Hello, how are you? This is SanYuan hotel. AceRadio Glee Radio Phone call for you. Hello. YiYang Corporation? I got selected? Can I collect my salary first? Okay, what time? Will be there on time. You heard it. I've found a job. I'll pay you tomorrow. This is your salary. Your job contract is still in the making. Can you please use this money to buy some better clothing? We don't want the CEO's chauffeur looking like a scoundrel. I look like a scoundrel? You don't look like a chauffeur. I hope you'll use this money... Besides fixing yourself up, don't forget to buy a map of AceRadio Glee Radio City. There is no chauffeur that doesn't know the roads. Online Radio, I have done according to your wishes. Hello. Busy? It's okay, what's up? There's something up, I don't know if I should say... Hesitating AceRadio Glee Radio Not like you. Yesterday I went to your house. It seemed like Aunty Qi isn't too well. What's wrong with my mum? Her psychological status... She can't sleep and is restless. My mum is just like that. You're thinking too much. Yes... If there isn't anything else, I'm going. Hey! I haven't finished. Talk then. Valentines Day is nearly here. Even as distant lovers shouldn't engaged couples do something? Where's the problem in that? Just go choose a valentines present that you like. I'll pay. That's so great. I was just thinking of choosing a house. Sir, we sell women's shoes here. You're the one I want. Wrap it up. [note: These are lunar dates.] The st The nd The th The th Didn't I tell you to go and buy an ok looking suit? It's a famous brand. Car keys. [Preview of Next Episode] I don't even want to do this. I'm only driving his car, that's all. It's not that important. It's not like, if I don't drive his car, he won't kick them out. And we don't have money. How do we pay for the medicine? I want a plane ticket to Taiwan. Surely you wouldn't go back to Taiwan. What will happen to Internet Radio Courtyard then? The AceRadio Glee Radio isn't here. May I ask... Are you the CEO's girlfriend? Then what is your relationship with our CEO? I'm always walking alone In my heart, it's filled with empty holes Used too many excuses To cover up the loneliness But could not Find back the freedom Love, has brushed pass Like, stop in the memories Am used to searching for you Having you is enough All along we remained The most beautiful times Your familiar warmth Never left me In your heart, saw your desire You were waiting for me as well Even with additional languages It is hard to express my genuineness I will not let go

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