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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

AceRadio Hard Rock

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AceRadio Hard Rock

I'm still waiting for you To silently love me As long as you are with me It is enough You are also waiting for me The quiet warmth AceRadio Hard Rock Holding hands like this Silently staring at the sky Have to remember The promise we made that day The instant lit firework Belongs to us Hello. Give me a pair in this size. Ok, please wait Mister. Don't think that a pair of shoes will buy my approval. Even when drunk you don't forget to insult. Why did you come here? Let me tell you. I'm quitting. Quitting. You must give me a reason so I can report to Online Radio. Reason? Ok. Tell him that I don't like him. I don't want anything to do with him. Live Radio doesn't as well. Online Radio Courtyard's residences don't want to either. Fine, you can quit. Tomorrow morning, don't forget to return your requested early salary to the Accounting Department. Where's Live Radio? Why isn't he with Live Radio Jie? Isn't today Valentine's day? Don't know. Wow. The new shoes Live Radio gave to Live Radio Jie are really pretty. Wow such pretty shoes. Your shoes… Got ruined from playing soccer? Why don't you get mum and dad to buy you a new pair? I don't have mum or dad. I only have one pair of shoes. Wear them when I play soccer. Wear them when I walk. I wear these shoes everywhere till right before going to bed. My sister is the same. Next time I'll buy a new pair of shoes for you guys. New shoes, new shoes, I love new shoes. Sis, you can't. Uncle Online Radio said: you shouldn't take other people's things so easily. Thank you. Live Radio. I really don't want you to be unhappy. But for some time, I really didn't know what to do. AceRadio Hard Rock Please forgive me okay? Live Radio. Can I see your smile? I'm opening the door. Live Radio. Live Radio. Online Radio. Did you lose your wife? Live Radio. Live Radio. You're right for not coming. You're right for being angry. I'm unless. I always make you angry. Always disappoint you. Next time I won't do it. Sorry Live Radio. She's drunk, can't hear a thing. I really can't understand you guys. Fighting is fighting. Why must you get drunk and make yourself pitiful? Luckily, that CEO drove her back. What CEO? The CEO that you guys know. I heard you wanted to quit for your girlfriend. How is she? Last night she drank too much so I drove her back… Stay away from her. Go to Online Radio Courtyard. The fact is, YiYang Corporation scorns us. It's not connected with you guys. My head really hurts. This disgrace can't be thought out. You... So stupid. Even if you're helping the mistreated. But that kid didn't do anything wrong. Of course you need to make money. If you don't earn from them, who would you earn from? After all isn't he doing it so he can pay for your medicine fees? Uncle Online Radio Uncle Online Radio Uncle Online Radio. I'll tell you some good news. Today at the center I, not deliberately, heard someone say, say that their factory wants to make sets of uniform. sets? That's a big costumer. This chance is hard to come by. So I talked to him to try let you take his order... AceRadio Hard Rock I never thought that this person would be so nice. He really gave you this order to do.

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