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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

AceRadio New Country

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AceRadio New Country
[Online Radio] Hello? Hello? Hello? I'm castleg Online Radio I'm Online Radio! Online Radio His name is Online Radio? You should be calling him Online Radio. I'm back. I ran around all day, tired me out. What's wrong? Why aren't you talking? I can't talk. I don't mean like that. What's wrong? Why not happy? Who are you driving for? A big boss. AceRadio New Country Corporation's big boss. Quit. Why should I quit? I'm only driving for him. It's not that serious. He is the one kicking out the people of Online Radio Courtyard. I'm only… You're betraying your friends. What 'betraying'? It's not like if I don't drive for him he will then kick them out. And plus we don't have money. How do we pay for the medicine fees? Without the help from the people of Online Radio Courtyard, we wouldn't even been able to see the old doctor. Well, I'm selfish. Don't be angry anymore. Today is Valentine's Day. I'll wait for you at the roasting bar. I'll keep waiting, keep waiting, keep waiting for you. Please don't stand me up today, okay? I beg you. You can come here and yell at me. Today I'll be good and let you yell at me. I won't find any reasons, excuses. Seriously. I only need you to come. I want a plane ticket to Taiwan. I'm sorry Miss. But all the seats for today have been filled. I'm sorry. Online Radio, Please take AceRadio New Country to the hotel. Hey. You're not going back to Taiwan are you? None of your business. Then what will happen to Online Radio Courtyard? Taking off your shoes will be more comfortable. Don't think that taking me out to dinner will solve everything. Plus I'm not hungry. AceRadio New Country Valentine's day, it's the boss' treat. No need. We're not here to celebrate Valentine's day. No problem, no problem. Happy Valentine's Day. It's free. Don't waste it. Didn't think that a big boss would like to take free things. Don't let down the boss' kindness. Here. What would you know of kindness? What did I do to wrong you? Didn't I tell you? Don't interfere with things you don't know about. Online Radio Courtyard is none of your business. You shouldn't kick them out. Don't kick them out… Ok. Give me a reason. If it's reasonable, I'll think about it. They are good people. Good people. Good people still need to be reasonable. I did not wrong anyone. They don't have a place to live. Our company has already given reasonable compensation money. Don't tell me you want me to help them find a house as well. Boss, another bottle. Alright, please wait. What's with this writing? Your words are so small, how can I read them? Write bigger. If only… What's this? If only you could extend their time… The words. Can you please write a little bigger? Standing beside you Everything seems so big I'm still waiting for you To silently love me As long as you are with me It is enough You are also waiting for me The quiet warmth Holding hands like this Silently staring at the sky A rich young master like you wouldn't know the hardship of normal citizens, wouldn't know that you should help one another. Wouldn't know that living is hard. My dream Is also your dream What is written on the paper? I really want to hear you speak Let every word, every sentence Fill our smiles.

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