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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

AceRadio Soft Hits

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AceRadio Soft Hits
With this income we can rent that big house we saw last time. That's right! This is great! But without this place how will we be able to do business? This… Demolish. What are you doing?! Don't smash! Don't you dare touch my home! Online Radio. Sis! What are you doing?! Move! Move! Move! Don't touch! Don't… Don't you dare touch! Move. If you want your pay, then keep demolishing! Online Radio. Your job is to resolve problems, not creating problems. I want to talk to you. Live Radio don't be make problems. Online Radio Courtyard's problem is my problem. What do you want to say? Give me your mobile phone. Can you please delay it for a few days? Reason? Wait until they finish a business deal. Why does the reason sounds like an excuse? That's because you're cold blooded. Right now, who is begging who? Why are your manners so bad? After finishing this business deal they will definitely move out. How many days? days, please. No. [I don't accept things from enemies.] AceRadio Soft Hits Don't accept things from enemies? Love, has brushed pass Like, stop in the memories Am used to searching for you It is enough Online Radio, move the construction workers out immediately. Your familiar warmth Never left me In your heart, saw your desire You were waiting for me as well Even with additional languages It is hard to express my sincerity I will not let go With courage Love you Online Radio. The demolishment of Online Radio Courtyard tomorrow, will it progress as planned? Or do you wish to delay the project? The truth is, if you didn't pass the order, the demolishment would've finished already. By using your cruel method. I will change. AceRadio Soft Hits But I think it is a method that can produce results. Results. It is the simplest thing. But if this is your way of results, by harming the residents, it will damage the company's image. Is this what you call your work ability? I apologize, I'll look into it. There's more, you would've known that they were all victims. But… Why didn't you report this to me? Because the company has its own position. Try to care from your heart. I understand. An example can be this pair of shoes. I should've known that, Online Radio, you are a kind person. The driver can go home now. Yes. Fiancee What's wrong? Do what you are meant to do. What? If your fiancee was bullied by her superior how would you comfort her? What happened? That mean person. The exclusive article I had such hard time to get, he got rid of it. And then used a crap excuse before giving a me a lecture. Your exclusive article, isn't it on your commercial customer? How did you know? Let me tell you something. You should take this info and sell it to a rival media company immediately. Why? I had such a hard time on this exclusive. Since your boss didn't want this exclusive. AceRadio Soft Hits At least let him suffer a little. Do I have to teach you this? I don't need you to teach me. Unless... I have another method. I don't want a method. Don't tell me you want me to go and give him a bashing? Farewell. [Online Radio Courtyard] I've talked with my master. After the center closes it will be empty. Master wants me to take Online Radio and AhLing to go live there for a while.

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