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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

AceRadio The Mix

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AceRadio The Mix

Silently staring at the sky Have to remember the promise we made that day The instantly lit firework Belongs to us I'm still waiting for you For the silent warmth With hand in hand Silently staring at the sky Silently holding hands Is the simplest dream Who are you driving for? A big boss. AceRadio The Mix Corporation's big boss. He's the one kicking people out of Online Radio Courtyard. Hopefully before next Monday. everyone will have finished moving out to reduce the risk of injuring both sides. I'm only... You're betraying your friends. What betraying? It's not like if I don't drive for him he won't kick them out still. Plus we don't have money how do we pay for medicine fees? Without the help of the people from Online Radio Courtyard we wouldn't even have been able to see the old doctor. Well, then I'm selfish. I want a ticket to Taiwan. Don't be angry anymore. Today is Valentine's Day. I'll wait for you at the roasting bar. I'll keep waiting, keep waiting, keep waiting for you. Don't think that taking me out for dinner will solve everything. Plus I'm not hungry. Valentine's day, it's the boss' treat. Dig in. It's free. Don't waste it. Didn't think that a big boss would like to take free things. Don't let down the boss' kindness. What would you know of kindness? What did I do to wrong you? Online Radio, I really don't want you to be unhappy. Please forgive me okay? Can I see your smile? Online Radio. I'm opening the door. Give me a pair in this size. Ok, please wait Mister. Don't think that a pair of shoes will buy my approval. You don't forget to insult even when you're drunk. Did you lose your wife? She's drunk, can't hear a thing. I really can't understand you guys. Fighting is fighting. Why must you get drunk and make yourself pitiful? Luckily, that CEO drove her back. Demolish. What are you doing?! Move! Move! Don't accept things from enemies. Do you know how sad I feel when you ignore me? Look. You're feet is so ugly already, and yet it's like this now. After you move, what will I do? Move together of course. We'll move there together. Online Radio. Where do we put these materials? Here. Just here. Come, press this board down on the material and trace its shape. Can you do it? Yes. Ahhhh... What happened? Don't worry about it. Come on... start again, relax. Here, I'll teach you. Let go! I told you to let go! Didn't you hear? Don't go. Let go of me. Didn't I tell you? After Online Radio finishes these clothes and sends them out, we can then live together. Even now you're not clear. It's not about the money to rent a bigger house. It's because I don't even want to live with them. You... I'll ask you once more. Are you with me or them? You... So all along, in your heart, I'm not even considered as much as an outsider. AceRadio The Mix You...! If you... If you go, then our relationship ends today! AceRadio The Mix listen to Online Radio, go and chase AceRadio The Mix back. Then you can move with her to the new house. Online Radio. You are husband and wife, after all. XiaoHong only wants to live an easy life. She's not wrong. If we live together, it isn't that good. She...

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