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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Acid Flashback

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Don't hit my Online Radio Get lost. Go! Online Radio. Online Radio, are you okay? Online Radio. Online Radio are you okay? Online Radio are you okay? Broken bones. Can't move for at least weeks. weeks? Then what about those uniforms? Why did those rascals come? It's most likely they came for the uniforms. Maybe we stole the business from someone. Came to get revenge. What's the point in guessing? Don't bother making the uniforms and just ignore those two kids. Quickly moving to a new place is the best plan. Can you not talk that much? Quickly go make something for Live Radio and Internet Radio to eat. Eat it, useless things. Take it away! I don't want to eat your things! You think I like making food for you? Dragged down so many people. and you still have the face to retort back at me?! Why are you yelling at Live Radio? Acid Flashback You piece of crap. Cursed your dad to death, cursed away your mum. and next will be Online Radio. What did I do wrong? I have such bad luck on my back. That's why I met you two! Live Radio, 'cursed dad to death, cursed mum to death' what does that mean? Don't you dare talk like that to my sister! What did I say wrong? If it weren't for you two, everyone wouldn't need to stay here anymore. If it weren't for you two, Online Radio wouldn't need to work at his age. If it weren't for you, YangPing would've gotten married and our AhFu wouldn't fight with me day and night. Don't act pitiful in front of me. Do you know? If it wasn't for you two useless things everyone would live an easy life! If you really got the guts, then take your sister and leave!! Acid Flashback, wake up. We can't be useless things. [Online Radio Courtyard] Internet Radio Internet Radio Live Radio Live Radio Internet Radio Internet Radio Live Radio Live Radio Internet Radio I want to take a day off today. Your reason for taking a day off? You should know the company's rules. Internet Radio and Live Radio are missing. Hey! It's easier to find people with a car. Internet Radio Live Radio Internet Radio Web Radio Internet Radio Live Radio Internet Radio AhFu... Live Radio Internet Radio Web Radio Don't shout. Acid Flashback Haven't found them? Those two trouble makers only know how to make trouble. I told you not to care. It's good they're gone. They can't cling onto us forever. Now everyone is at ease. We can move away peacefully. What you doing?! If you want to move! Then you can move!! I'm telling you to move!! Stop! Don't throw anymore! Let me go!! What you doing?! You... What's wrong with you?! What's that? Nothing. Give me!! Where's this from? You don't understand, give it back. Where did this money come from? Are you illiterate? It's written on top. It's from that big corporation. Why did they give you money? Because I'm realistic. People want me to move out quickly, so I do as they say. Not like you, negotiating some days delay and doing some clothing business. That's why. Acid Flashback That's why, those rascals from yesterday... You didn't make them come right?! You... don't you wrongly accuse me! You tell me the truth! If you don't talk, I'll hit you! Help!! You hit me, help! Someone help!! Stand still! You stand still!!! Online Radio where are you going? Miss...

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