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Saturday, September 28, 2013

AKA Radio

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AKA Radio
Continue on like nothing has happened? I really can't. Does it hurt? Does this place hurt? Ah... Perhaps... I should try going backwards. Return to the sides of familiar people back to... the starting point of life. Silently, waiting for the finish point to come. Why did you suddenly come back? I didn't want you to fly over there to yell at me so I came back to let you yell all you want. Don't think that by saying it, I won't do it. Fly back to Internet Radio tomorrow. Until the work is finished don't come back. Dad, don't regret saying that. Live Radio, what's wrong? Who made you angry? Live Radio! Live Radio, you... Online Radio Mum. You're back. You... Your dad really is... Didn't even say a word to me! I know. Surprise. You're going to give mum a surprise aren't you? You're right. I was afraid I might miss your birthday so I especially came back to give you a surprise. My birthday? My birthday has months to go. In such a short time, why have you lost so much weight? Your face is all hollow. Are you sick? Let mum have a feel, do you have a fever? This isn't accurate, let's go upstairs and use the thermometer. No need mum. AKA Radio I'm fine. I'm very fine. No... You're so skinny now. Oh yes, does Online Radio know you're back? [Internet Radio] I was thinking that, if you didn't come back, I'd go to Internet Radio to find you. My Valentine's Day present? Don't think that I've forgotten about it since it's been a long time. You book the place? You didn't even say a word about the surprise of coming back from Internet Radio. And plus booking this place the romance of dining alone, it's not at all like you. It sounds like I used to be a super boring person. It's not too late to change. I have finally experienced the happiness of a fiance Come and dance with me. Come on. What do you like about me? Huh? I don't think I've asked you before. What do you like about me? I like your self confidence, seriousness, how you have a goal and also how you always know what you are doing and always preparing the next step, waiting for the opportunity. Young man, perhaps you've never tasted the pain of losing an opportunity. But one day, you will also experience the taste of being given no opportunity. You will then understand, how cruel you are. AKA Radio, could you please hurry it up? Don't bother wrapping it up, I'm in a hurry. Thank you. One Roast Meat with Rice. Sold out. None left. It really is sold out. Or do you think I'm purposely not selling it to you? I'm doing business, why would I have a grudge against money? That's why your business is good. It's all thanks to you. At least I don't have to be confined in a room, experiencing the airconditioning all day. I can go anywhere I like. Enjoy the sun. Do whatever I wish. That's good. Wait. AKA Radio There's still one Roast Meat with Rice left. I was planning to eat it for lunch, but how about I sell it to you? You're not thinking of getting me to go back to work are you? I only... want to know how you are doing now. Thank you for caring. When I was fired my feelings were bad. But now I'm satisfied. Satisfied? Don't you have any regrets? As long as you are alive, you should have no right to regret.

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