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Friday, September 27, 2013

Air Progressive

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Air Progressive
Have to remember the promise we made that day The instantly lit firework Belongs to us I'm still waiting for you For the silent warmth With hand in hand Silently staring at the sky Silently holding hands Is the simplest dream You haven't broken any bones have you? My leg doesn't live up to my expectations. Wore a cast for a month. I guessed right. He is the cast leg from the past. Online Radio. No matter what kind of tactic you use, you must make them move out of Internet Radio. I'll give you two days. Uncle BianDou... Take back your money. If you touch them again, we'll fight you. Must you use this kind of manner to thank me? If you have extra money, why don't you go help others? Before I was years old, everything I used came from my dad's hard work. Everything that I use now came all from my hard work. Why should I help those people? In your world, there's only you. Concluding other's misfortune as their own fault. You're right. Because I believe, in this world, there are no misfortunate people. Air Progressive Only lazy people. Your meaning of 'hard work' is dirty tricks? What are you on about? I don't care if you use arm or leg, tell me properly. What did she say about me? She said, you cold blooded and selfish person living on this earth, is a waste. If it wasn't for you two useless things everyone would live an easy life! If you really got the guts, then take your sister and leave!! Your reason for taking a day off? You should know the company's rules. AhLing and AhHan are missing. Hey! It's easier to find people with a car. Little punk, didn't learn good at a young age. Stealing things! Today, I'll beat you two thieves to death! Don't bully little kids. Sis, let's go. AhHan! Sis! Go in. Go in. AhHan I want to go home. He is actually a good person. And this fact, it feels like I've known it from the beginning. Tell me. What did you find? Liver cancer... late stages. How long have I got to live? As long as you are willing to accept... HOW LONG?! months. After leaving this world which lucky star will I live in? Who allowed you to come in? I couldn't find you the whole day so I was worried. In the end I came here. Online Radio I've finally found the CEO. Earth will continue to spin without me. Air Progressive Online Radio. If you want to meet tap once again. You can't catch me! JieJie. Don't run. Liver cancer... late stages. How long? months. Very sorry. Something came up, I can't... Thank you. No problem. Thanks a lot for helping out Internet Radio. This sentence I don't understand. No need. I know what you are thanking me for. You're different today. You should be happy. Because helping people is the base for happiness. This phrase is a lie. Because of helping people I was yelled at by my dad. How do you expect me to be happy? I'll take on the responsibility to make you happy. Really? This grass field reminds me of someone. Now we'll write down what we want to tell the other person. Then, at Christmas in , let's come back and uncover the mystery. At that time, will you really come back? Yes. So... Air Progressive the one who can't live up to the promise is me. Goodbye. I don't know how to continue living the unforeseen future.

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