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Friday, September 27, 2013

American Freedom Radio

American Freedom Radio, American Freedom Radio Live, Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

American Freedom Radio
Endure a bit, this part hurts the most. As long as there's a place to sleep then it's all good. Don't you guys agree? I have no problems. Making others extend the time is impossible. Delaying the construction is a small thing. But if you get in the way of people making big money how can they agree? I say, forget about it. You should stop fighting against them. I'm not hot. My sister is fanning not because you're hot, but because she's scared that you're angry. Thank you. Thank you. Now that your anger is gone, the kid you ignored is outside. He hasn't even eaten yet. It's so late at night. Do I have to blow my whistle and wake everyone up? I'm not angry anymore. Why aren't you talking? Kneel down. How can you smile? When you ignore me, do you know how sad I feel? Who told you to make me angry? If it wasn't for curing your sickness, beat me to death and I still wouldn't to go to that company. I don't want you like this. I'm just like this. If it wasn't because of me at that time, you wouldn't be like this. I can not talk for the rest of my life but you can't have no principals. I told him that I don't want the job. But the salary they gave me, I've nearly used it all. The rent here, shouting American Freedom Radio Online Radio and them, and buying you a Valentine's Day present. It's for you. Do you like it? You don't like it? Help me put it on. Look, your feet are so ugly, and now they're hurt. Live Radio forgave me! Don't think that a pair of shoes will buy my approval. Even at American Freedom Radio he can create mayhem. What did he do? Nothing. He only gave me some suggestions on my work. Is that so wrong? I get it, his suggestions were crap. The truth is, I know what he says is right. You're the one that's too hard to understand. I don't need him to teach me what to do. What are you sad about? If you want something, just tell him. I want him next to me. I only want him to pat my head or let me rest my head on his shoulder. I only want these. Alright, I'll lend my shoulder to you but you have to pay for this meal. I really miss him. But it's my fault isn't it? I really don't know what I'm waiting here for. I know. An annoying old lady. Hey. You're taking revenge on me? You are a poisonness woman. Maybe I should go to QingDao. This is your prescription. Go get your medicine, one a day. Don't worry about the medicine fee. I've told them. Thank you. No need to thank me. You are Online Radio Courtyard's benefactor. Please keep helping Online Radio and them. Online Radio. Anything happen? Has Online Radio really decided? Is there a problem? The president… I'll take care of things with the president. Go and post up the notice at Online Radio Courtyard. Yes. Also, tell the driver, I could be needing the car at anytime. Yes. Did you really take on the job as the chauffeur? What's so hard about it? Our American Freedom Radio is moody. You can endure his temper. Pretty good. Where you going? Online Radio Courtyard, giving a notice. Postponing the construction. Yeah. blue pen: Online Radio At first it was forcing them to demolish. Now for some reason, it's postponed. That's why we say he's moody.

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