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Sunday, September 29, 2013

All 60s All The Time

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All 60s All The Time
All 60s All The Time kept watching it. I even taped it. Taped it to watch. I was taping, watching and thinking, thinking if my son had gone there before. Recently, I watched a show documenting about cockroaches. What's was so good about that show? You, scared of cockroaches. Mum was thinking of when you were young you saw a cockroach. You were so scared you jumped. The frightened look on your face was hilarious. Oh yes, I also recently watched a traveling show about Internet Radio. Internet Radio is really... spectacular. So pretty. Mum. You have to be happier. Seeing you makes mum happy. Really. I... Lost another day. Online Radio. did you write this draft? Yes, what's wrong? Nothing, just it's... not really Online Radio's style. Really? What's wrong with you? Staring blankly the whole morning. Is it because your boyfriend is back? So you're not in the mood to work? I'll change it. Online Radio where's your ring? It's at home, forgot to wear it. Scared me... Okay, do your work. Online Radio. Online Radio. Miss Online Radio, why did you come? Is Online Radio here? Young master went out. Did he say where he was going? No. Miss Online Radio, eat here later. Mistress went to the market to buy food. And good news Mistress can finally sleep! It must because young master is back. She's too happy. Mother and son talked for so long last night. If young master didn't have to go to Internet Radio that would be wonderful. Online Radio, help me keep this secret until I leave. Okay? Miss Online Radio, are you alright? I'm fine. I'm fine... Department stores have everything. But what kind of present can you give to represent a dead son's deep blessing? Why is it me? All 60s All The Time where would you like to go today? Sorry, I can't personally accompany you there. But... I remember that you can drive. I'll let you use the car. Whenever you want to go somewhere, just go. Even if it's just shopping. You should go out more often. Then... We'll go to Parts today, okay? Let's go. You guys play. Woman, what's wrong? Your face today, looks like it was K.O'd by a basketball, like it was bitten by a stray dog, got expelled by the school and your credit card got cut. Your ugly face is like a bitter melon, it's sooo bitterly ugly. Ok ok. Does pretty lady want to play bullfight? Let out some steam. Play ball and sweat will make you feel better. Let's go! Come on, come on! Let's go! Ok. What am I supposed to do? I don't want to lose him. Mum, let's go home. We'll end it here. How long have I got to live? How long?! months. reels. Looks like I bought too much. I don't know what you did. But I've never seen Online Radio cry like this before!! You did good. This way I wouldn't need to worry no more. Online Radio, why aren't you fighting back?! Come and fight me! Online Radio What on Earth are you doing?! You came home all of a sudden and didn't even go to the office to sort out work. All 60s All The Time This is the good that you have done. All 60s All The Time You practically lost me my face! Dad. Apart from the company or work don't we, father and son, have anything else to talk about? I only want to know what the heck you are doing. I am living happily.

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