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Sunday, September 29, 2013

All Dixie Rock Radio

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All Dixie Rock
If you're living as a failure then even living is a waste. Other than work living like a zombie even more of a waste. Online Radio Don't you dare think that I can't fire you! The most you can do is fire a CEO. The only one who can fire your son... is God. You...! You bastard! Mum, let's start. A nice people dinner... Dad ran off angry because of me. Then... I'll eat dad's part as well. Online Radio, your dad didn't fight with you on purpose. Your dad has a lot of pressure because... All Dixie Rock Because back then, marrying the President's daughter, his big manly ego was cut in half. That's why his whole life is not at peace. Perhaps. Before your grandpa passed away he said something to your father. He said “Everyone thought that you married my daughter for my money. But the truth is, it was I who chose you to inherit my money.” All Dixie Rock Your dad really has talent. Your grandpa didn't want to let go of such a favorite employee. So he gave him hs most beloved only daughter. And the only condition was that there cannot be a divorce. Your dad fulfilled it. Not divorcing does not represent love. Grandpa was stupid. Your grandpa was not stupid. Because he knew long ago that I fell in love with your dad. Your grandpa loved me so much. He only wanted to give me the best. He only wanted to give me what I wanted. Mum... The period when grandpa passed away, you... What did you do? I spent a lot of time tidying your grandpa's things. Every time I tidied something of his it brought me back many memories. Every piece of item would leave me crying the whole day. Why did you beat him?! I was only... You don't know anything, don't understand anything. You don't have the right to hit him! But... Thank you come again. Online Radio. Online Radio, you came. Is Online Radio here? Online Radio is still asleep. You came at the right time, go wake him up. Tell him not to sleep in. No problem. Go quickly. Online Radio [Clothing/old clothing collection. Books/donation to library] [Award] Hello, circles and crosses. Do you still remember how I once said before about waiting till we're older and then going to uncover the mystery? Now I know, years old is so young and so far away. Sorry. I, at that time, did not fully understand life's tricks. Are you married? Why didn't you call me? The Christmas, will you really come? I have many, many questions to ask you. But sadly, I have the best excuse to drop the promise. All Dixie Rock At Lucky Star, you can't buy a return ticket back to Earth. You will forgive me right? I'm guessing you must be on the rooftop right now. That's all. I wish you good luck. Cast leg Hi, today isn't Christmas. Because I sent Doctor Su back to the hospital I thought that I would tell you some things. Did you know? This secret really hasn't been discovered by any others! There's still months and days to go and then we'll meet! I hope... I hope that you won't become a fatty. Happy Christmas! Only one year left. But what to do... I seem to be gaining weight. This Christmas is especially cold. How are you going? This year's Christmas, are you spending it alone, like me? It's been ten years.

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