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Sunday, September 29, 2013

All Hit Country

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All Hit Country
I don't know how you've changed. I don't know if you are like me. Waiting for that year to come. Online Radio. I like you. Then... do you like me? You don't have to reply now. You... can answer tomorrow. So all along, you'd already given me an answer. [Preview of Next Episode] Aren't you busy lately? Always coming to see me. Troubling me, making me touched. Recently I'm still really thinking of becoming a doctor. You're just thinking of your little girlfriend. I have a feeling you two will meet. Doctor Su, if you bump into her, please tell her that I already know the answer. Ok. Before, this is a method how she and I stayed connected. I think if you have it, it may reduce your feelings. [Online Radio] Give me your phone number. I don't like owing people money. Name? ZhaoOnline Radio Online Radio said something...! Really? Online Radio said something! Quick! Go ask the old doctor. Did you know? If you can't talk it's my responsibility. If you can talk, then what will I do? What should I do? So I have to beg the old God: once Online Radio marries me then let her speak. Then I'll be at ease. Finished the work yet? When are you planning to finish? Relax, once the goods are sent then we can move. Theres still alot left. Can you do it? Of course we can! What's wrong with you? What's wrong? I've waited here for you the whole night. Worried about you the whole night. You say 'what's wrong?' I... You don't even need it. You don't even know! WHEN I CAN'T FIND YOU, WHEN I CAN'T WAIT UP FOR YOU, I'M SO SCARED! Didn't I already tell you to stay away from her? Don't you understand? I'll say it again, Online Radio. You only remember one thing from the past. But it's been years. Every years to come she is my responsibility. I'm always walking alone In my heart, it's filled with empty holes Used too many excuses To cover up the loneliness But could not Find back the freedom Love, has brushed pass Like, stop in the memories Am used to searching for you Having you is enough All along we remained The most beautiful times Your familiar warmth Never left me In your heart, saw your desire You were waiting for me as well Even with additional languages It is hard to express my genuineness I will not let go Credit: inflixx and Glucose Editor & Timer : knots Spot Translator : knots Translator : Import [RPSUBS] The quiet warmth Holding hands like this Silently staring at the sky Have to remember the promise we made that day The instantly lit firework Belongs to us I'm still waiting for you For the silent warmth With hand in hand Silently staring at the sky Silently holding hands Is the simplest dream I don't know how to continue living the unforeseen future. Continue on like nothing has happened? I really can't. Don't you have any regrets? It doesn't matter if you can accomplish your goal or not. It's more the fact that you try your best to accomplish it. Then there will be no regrets. What if... You have no dream. Even if you have no dream you should still have responsibilities right? My Valentine's day present? I have finally experienced the happiness of a fiancé. I was thinking that, if you didn't come back, I'd go to Internet Radio to find you.

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