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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Alltime Oldies Radio Theater Channel

Alltime Oldies Radio Theater Channel, Alltime Oldies Radio Theater Channel Live, Listen Online, Talk, Comedy, USA

Alltime Oldies Radio Theater Channel

Is it really a waste? Being woken by a car or Internet Radio's singing in the morning, do you know how lucky that is? You don't know, that's why you are just a pitiful monster stuck onto a bit of money. A pitiful monster that hasn't experienced happiness yet should be happy to live onwards. I'm always walking alone But in my heart it's filled with holes Used too many excuses, to fill the loneliness Yet can't find back freedom Love, once brushed past Like, stopped in the memories I'm used to looking for you Having you is enough All along we remained The most beautiful times Your familiar warmth Never left me In my eyes, what do you see? Alltime Oldies Radio Theater Channel It's filled with your smile I finally understand You are definitely my happiness charm This time I will not...let go With courage I will love you That one. This one? If tomorrow was the end of the world, what would you like to do the most now? Accomplish my dream. Even though I know it can't be accomplished, I'll do my best to the end. Why do you bother with a guy so selfish like me? Because you learn from your mistakes. That's why I have to save you. Letting you save me, then I really will... Be unlucky. It's luck. Luck... Luck. Luck? Then... What is the hand sign for lucky star? This is a hand gesture only a Alltime Oldies Radio Theater Channel would know. It's called Star. You can also call it Lucky Star. Lucky star. I know another way. But it's a secret. I have to go. Deep in December, it's nice to remember Although you know the snow will follow Deep in December our hearts should remember And follow, follow [Luck] Accomplish my dream. Even though I know it can't be accomplished, I'll do my best to the end. Don't go to the company. Then where to? What is your dream? Huh? I'm asking about your dreams. There are a lot. A million of them. Marry Online Radio. Buy a good car. Hire a driver. Let me live a life of a C.E.O. How does it feel? Very good. la, la, la... Everyone continue working! Fight! Fight! Alright. Come on... Fight! Good. Sir, your fried rice. Is it really that nice? Use your heart. You are saying, if you use your heart to taste, then everything will become really yummy. Clever. Thank you. Mister, please be kind and donate, lift a helping hand. Thank you. How is it? Still missing more. XiaoHong, stop. Its been days, the demolishing crew will be here in a moment. Aiya. In this situation use the time to the fullest. Is anyone here? The CEO is here. You're here. It's you. Since you're here I'll leave it to you. Bye bye. What's wrong? This guy is really weird. He says he'll demolish the place after we have moved. Did the CEO say that? Really? That's great!!! This is great! We have more time. Yes! Hooray! Then the clothes can be finished. We'll need to hurry. Where is the CEO? He just went out. Hello. Hey Web Radio Online Radio How has it been going lately? Why haven't you come to QingDao to visit your fiancé? And visit me on the way. Busy with work. Alltime Oldies Radio Theater Channel Work is work. But you can't forget about life just because of work. Okay. Oh right, has WeiYi told you about him coming to the hospital? Hospital? What's wrong with him? It's nothing. Just a small cold.

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