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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

AllWorship Contemporary Worship

AllWorship Contemporary Worship, AllWorship Contemporary Worship Live, Listen Online, Christian, USA

AllWorship Contemporary Worship
A little medicine will do the trick. That's good then. Okay. I'll arrange my holidays quickly and especially go to visit you, the famous doctor. Okay, I'll wait for you. Bye. Good. Bye bye. Web Radio Web Radio Web Radio Who allowed you to come in? Web Radio I couldn't find you the whole day so I was worried. In the end I came here. You can go home. But I have to discuss with you about Online Radio Courtyard. I have already decided. There is nothing left to discuss about. You have to at least let the president know. AllWorship Contemporary Worship, I've finally found the CEO. Please hold. Dad. What are you doing? There's nothing to explain. It's just a decision. What kind of attitude is that? Do I have to go there and follow your every move? I'm fine. Don't worry. Dad, I heard that lately mum is not well. If you have time, please look after her for me. I'm talking about Online Radio Courtyard with you. Don't you starting worrying about her. I'll give you one week to start the demolishment, or else I'll fly to AllWorship Contemporary Worship immediately. That's final! ZhenYang, who were you talking to? Your precious son. WeiYi? How is he? Is he alright? ZhenYang, it's fine if you talk to someone else with this kind of tone. But with your own son... I'll go call him and comfort him. Enough. What should be said, I've said. I only want to make a phone call to my son. There is nothing wrong with a mum calling her son. If you want to call him, then call him. ZhenYang! Don't put too much pressure on AllWorship Contemporary Worship. He's our only son. Work is work, you... Shut up! Can you not nag nag nag all the time?! All day long you say these rubbish things! Can't you just shut your mouth? I'm only... AllWorship Contemporary Worship I'm only... I'm only missing my son. Online Radio Hello, what would you like? rice with roast meat. Okay, coming right up. May I ask, what happened to the lady that was here before? Not working anymore? No. she went to QingDao. Mistress. Mistress. Why isn't Web Radio answering my call as well? [The number you're calling is turned off or is in use. Please leave a message after the beep. If you do not want to leave a message, please hang up.] Web Radio Web Radio, I'm Aunty Qi. Call me back when you hear this message. Go on a date with me. Don't forget I'm older than you. Only a young girl would fall for this. But I reckon an older girl relationship is cool. I'm not used to being older sister. I like being a younger sister. You're saying your fiancé will allow you to feel like a younger sister. Sometimes. Sometimes not. Sounds like you're not sure. The truth is, most of the time, we're like friends. No way. So unromantic. And recently we don't even have the time to be friends. So sad. You don't understand. It might be because I'm too greedy so that's why I think too much. Let's go. Where? On a date. First a movie then something to eat and a drink later on, how's that? You're paying. And you want to go on a date with me. Still drinking? We're here, might as well drink till I'm full. Alright. I'll be your rubbish bin, dump whatever sadness on me. Do I look like I'm sad? Yup. How is work lately? Crap. What about relationship? If I say it out loud, you might laugh.

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