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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Alternative Rock (Q97) - AddictedToRadio

Alternative Rock (Q97) - AddictedToRadio, Alternative Rock (Q97) - AddictedToRadio Live, Listen Online, 90s, Alternative, Rock, USA

Alternative Rock (Q97) - AddictedToRadio
Are you sure the person you love is him? The past years... Are you sure you loved Online Radio? Live Hit Music answer me! Promise me. No matter what he says or does, don't take notice of him okay? You can't like him. You can't! Idiot, how could I like him? Give me your phone. I like Online Radio, I love Online Radio, it has nothing to do with you. Is this your real answer? In seconds, if you don't turn around then let me disappear. Everything has stopped. Breathing, pulse, heartbeat. I should rest here. But why... Is my heart still hurting? Why am I still hoping? God, Am... I not suppose to give up yet? If you recognize words I'll teach you swimming. Really? words. You can swim. Didn't you promise Online Radio not to see me again? Why did you come to find me? Didn't you promise Online Radio to stay away from me? Why did you save me? Live Hit Music! Let's make a deal okay? months. If you be my girlfriend for months I'll give you everything you want. months is my everything. What are you afraid of? Afraid of getting closer to me because you like me? Hit Music where did you go? Are you sure you like Online Radio. Do you really love him? I asked where you went. I was careless, I fell into a river. Fell into water? Yes, fell into water. I've never seen you wear this outfit before. So cold, I'm going in. I'm sorry Internet Radio. I lied to you again. Why am I being less and less honest to Internet Radio? Why? Why? You can't be following me around because I wont be your patient. You can't test me to see if I'm a good doctor. Always getting sick. . degrees. So high. It's even hotter than the weather outside. If you keep taking your life as a joke then you wont even live for months. Why are you acting so cool? I'd rather you cry. And then work out how you're going to live for yourself. Live for myself. How should I live for myself? Gave up swimming. Went overseas to study. Obtained MBA. Then came home to inherit the family business. It was all living according to another person's orders. I have what I should have. But all the things that I do have was set up according to other people's plans. I have finally realized the world that I really want. But there's only months left. months. Am I supposed to be selfish and take my months of happiness for someone's life regret? That is this your thinking. To Web Radio these months can be called eternity. Web Radio is not your scrap. And is not something that you can throw away when you want to. You should not take away her right to love you. I'm not talking about Web Radio What if I say... I've finally realized that I have never loved Web Radio WeiYi, what do you mean? I... Can I really be selfish and live only for my happiness? WeiYi, what is the meaning behind these words? I found her. You are talking about... The Roast Meat Martian. At that instant I knew what love was. Can I still love? Why is God testing me like this? Online Radio. Do you know that I've always admired you? Sometimes, the admiration turns into jealousy because God looks after you especially. Allowed you to have everything. Let you not work for your life.

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