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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Always Country

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Always Country

At your most beautiful moment he takes away your life and allows you become an exclamation mark. Even at your most urgent time he prepared your most desired reunion. Why? Why is God always on your side? Do you want to switch with me? Believe me living is the best. Always remember me, this exclamation mark. WeiYi. Use the months to love. Really? Can I love? Sorry for that day I made you cry the night. Sorry for always making you unhappy. Sorry. This one is tomorrow's sorry. The next day's sorry. The next next day's sorry. There isn't the need for that much sorry. Since I'm so stupid and make you unhappy everyday, I might as well say all the sorry at once. Promise me that whatever happens later you have to forgive me. Okay? Thank you. They waited a long time for you. Go give them water quickly. Ok. I have a question, I'll wait for you to reply. Saturday, church? Take this after midnight. Thank you. Decided to tell her your real identity? Depends if God stands at my side this time. He definitely will. I'm going now. I'm quitting. No need. You're fired anyways. This was Online Radio idea, wasn't it? Revenge. This promotion revenge is really special. Administration Department Assistant? You and your girlfriend are really alike. Both have a habit of not knocking. What are you up to? Don't you want to have a house, million dollars, a car etc? If you want to obtain them then accept. A whole different person. You are not... worse than anyone else, am I right? I really don't understand what kind of game Online Radio is playing. One side gaining your approval and another side, making romance with your girlfriend. But I'll still give you a word of advice: Standing at the enemy's side is the best attack tactic. Why are you telling me this? Because I am standing on the same side as you. With me? Why? We are the same kind of person. Online Radio is my opponent. If you want to win over him then work with me. Think about it. What are you up to? But I'll still give you a word of advice: Standing at the enemy's side is the best attack tactic. That year... Is it you who carried her to the hospital? I've never seen you wear this outfit before. I have a question, I'll wait for your answer. Saturday, church? XuLi is right. Staying beside him is the only way Hit Music can be safe. Uncle Zuo is sick? It seems quite serious. We're going back. I want to too. Today I was going to tell the company I quit, but I have no money to return the salary. No. I don't want you to beg that CEO. I'll go back. You'll go alone? That won't do. You still have to recover. I'll take the medicine with me. No. I'll come back when Uncle Zuo is better. But... It's decided. Hit Music, I'm sorry. To protect our happiness I have to lie to you. Hit Music you're back! Let me take a look at you. Not bad... You are sick. I... It's nothing. It's probably because the weather is hot and I got a little heatstroke. A little dizzy. No... a little high blood pressure. Didn't you go to the doctors? Ate medicine, ate a lot of medicine. I'm fine now. Why are you throwing away these books? Online Radio said these books are a mess.

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