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Saturday, October 5, 2013


AnarchoRadio, AnarchoRadio Live, AnarchoRadio Listen Online, Rock, USA

Love, once brushed past Like, stopped in the memories Will you give me another chance? Don’t hurt yourself anymore. Don't do it again. Don’t worry. I can’t hurt myself. The only who can hurt me is you. I Do you love me? Do you love me? I will love family Forever. [Live Radio] Never thought we’d meet in QingDao. I actually saw you yesterday. At the airport. The day we got engaged, you were not invited yet you coincidently attended our engagement. So you should know clearly that he is my fiancé. Live Hit Music. You really don’t look like the third party who steals someone else’s happiness away. Is it self pity that let you steal someone else’s man? This kind of feeling, I can understand. But please can you go and steal someone else’s fiancé? Can it not be mine? Don’t push the blame on someone else. It’s all because you are not cute enough. You don’t have the ability to control your man. The one who should be examined is you. You don’t need to worry. As long as your girlfriend doesn’t continue to bother my fiancé. I will not lose to a mute. Take back your words. If you dare to hurt her I will let you have a taste of the pain of being a mute. Hit Music. The preparations are done. Isn’t all this your preparations? We especially invited a doctor for this surgery. He’s a specialist in these kinds of work, everything will be ok. I believe so too. Don’t you always say that God is on my side? Definitely. AnarchoRadio, this is the required procedure. Please have a read. Especially here, please take notice of this. Do you agree to not have immediate resuscitation? I agree. Mr. Qi. Let us go to the operation room now. But this time God doesn’t have time. Don’t talk like this. Surgery depends on skill, there won’t be an accident. Listen to me. In my suitcase there is something for me mum. Please give it to her for me in person. Dearest friend, don’t tell anyone. You knew about the other woman and yet you didn’t tell me. Web Radio Hu Online Radio, am I still your friend? This time I, Hu Online Radio, am Mi Web Radio’s friend not yours, Online Radio. [Operation Room] [RPSUBS] Where’s AnarchoRadioThe surgery has finished. How is he? How is he?! The cancer cells Have spread. I will not leave you until you leave me. You did not leave me It was I who decided to leave you. [RPSUBS] What are you doing? Your eyes are all puffy and you want to make your face swollen as well. I don’t remember knowing a pighead. Want to hear a joke? Online Radio. You want to go in see WeiYi with a smile, a big smile, a natural smile don’t you? If you don’t smile naturally then don’t go in. But What joke is funny ? Let me think Got one. Let me ask you. A match stick caught on fire and was sent to the hospital for immediate rescue. What is he when he comes out of the hospital? Guess. Guess It becomes a cotton swab, doesn’t it? Its head wears a white cloth. This must be a joke that Online Radio taught you, right? His jokes were never funny. Then I’ll tell you another. No. I’m tired, I want to rest. Take a good rest then. I’ll come back tomorrow. Thank you. I wanted a coffee. It’s late.

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