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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ancient Faith Radio

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Ancient Faith Radio

They met in hospital. Using written messages and notes, they got to know each other. So that’s why you got me to use message notes to court Ancient Faith Radio, has lived his whole life under his family’s wishes. That week in the hospital was WeiYi’s only time, in which he lived for himself. Even though it was only one week, Ancient Faith Radio received the happiness of giving. So That one week is his life’s most beautiful memory. So that’s why he fell in love with the mute Live Hit Music. Web Radio That girl was Live Hit Music. She only liked him for one week and I have loved him for so many years. My love losses to her one week. He didn’t even leave the last months for me. He chose another woman. And you stood on his side the whole time. WeiYi has only months left. So you can selfishly love someone if you have only months left? Can’t the living do that as well? Why isn’t it fair? Why? This is such a good thing, let’s drink some more. Cheers! Here Let’s celebrate! This dish is good. Eat more I especially made this. Another thing, next if after this land Hit Music! Online Radio! Come... you came at the right time. Go to Uncle BianDou. Hit Music She said she’s tired. Let her rest. Uncle BianDou made a lot of good dishes. Here eat more... Drink more. We’re lucky all because of that CEO. With that piece of land the money from the uniforms, and careful thinking we will be able to build another Live Radio. We’ll leave the careful thinking to Online Radio. There will be absolutely no problems. How hateful. You only know how to tease me. Online Radio drink. Cheers Here... Cheers... Online Radio, did you have a fight with Hit Music You fight tomorrow, it’s gone the next day. It’s nothing. That line is used for married people. They aren’t even married yet. Online Radio Listen to a word of advice. When a woman is jealous because of something little, it’s feminine. But when a man is jealous of something little, it’s not right. If you are scared that your future wife will be stolen away by someone else, then you have to try harder now. Don’t go talking rubbish. I'm not talking rubbish. I’m worrying for Online Radio. What do you guys think? Even a good hearted person would not give us a piece of land without a reason. If it wasn't for Hit Music Shut up! What's wrong? I’m only being nice My relationship with Hit Music is none of your business! What did I say? You... You ungrateful little punk! In your current situation you're not even thinking! When will you start to think properly? What did I say? Stop talking. You talk too much. It’s all for his own good! [I think I like you] Hello Doctor Hu. Ancient Faith Radio I’ve decided to do the surgery. Don’t let others think less of you anymore. Do you understand? Don’t let others think less of you. Why? I don’t like this Online Radio. I don’t like not being able to protect you and constantly hurting you. I’m annoyed at myself. Don’t cry. Do you forgive me? Don’t cry no more. It's because I’m afraid you might get hurt that’s why you have this. But now, the one hurting you is me. I’ve always wanted to be your superman.

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